Mission Admission

Mission Admission

28 Nov 2017 | 3 min Read


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Once in a while, you pick up a book which seems to be written just for you or your present circumstance. A few days back I happened to stumble upon one such book- May contain nuts by John O’Farrell. Before telling you about the book let me explain to you my present scenario – these days I’m a paranoid mother of a three & half-year-old who is eligible to go to a formal school from this April. I’ve filled 38 school forms but I do not fall in any of the below-mentioned categories which make it next to impossible to get my son in a good school.


  1. EWS/OBC  (Shhhhh! It’s a controversial topic)
  2. POLITICAL FAMILY  (not at all)
  3. FILTHY  RICH (A type which is close to Ambani’s)
  4. APPROACH OR JUGAD (I’m not a very social person and as per  point # 3 I don’t have lakhs to give away)
  5. ALUMNI (fortunately I was not born in Delhi)
  6. STAFF (apparently I was never a teacher)
  7. DISTANCE (let’s not even talk about this one as even Supreme Court has said enough)
  8. SCHOOL MANAGEMENT QUOTA (to secure this position you need to fulfill #2,3 or 5)


And while many may argue “padne wale bache kahi bhee padh lete hai” I can’t put my son to any school and I won’t, so stop saying that. To think of it all of it all of us want best from our child, be it academics or extra-curricular, and that’s the reason we shortlist the best schools which will harness their potential. But the problem here is that these schools don’t shortlist us. In these crazy and troublesome times just remember you are your child’s role model. He/she will be in the school for few hours but most of the time with you. It is you who has to pay attention and observe your child to know his/her strengths and shortcomings.


So, coming back to the book this book is about a mother who  wants her children to excel in everything, which she knows they can’t so she does something really crazy. To get your mind off this mission admission, you should read this book.    


All the best to all of you may your child gets in the school of your choice.


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