Stop Feeling So Guilty Moms

Stop Feeling So Guilty Moms

28 Nov 2017 | 2 min Read


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It’s absolutely okay to take a break from being a mommy, just for a little while like heading to work, going to the gym or simply finding a quiet moment each week. This means leaving your child in the care of a sitter /partner /family members which makes many moms feel like they’re abandoning their little one for selfish reasons. But remember before being a mom you also are an individual who just needs a break to maintain her sanity and being better at what you are doing.


Your child is more adaptable than you are and can manage without you for few hours if you are not around. Please don’t feel guilty to leave your child. (but obviously, the person you’re leaving your child with should be reliable.)


It’s really important for the child to know that they can be without you and that you’ll be back in some time. It makes the bond stronger and the child independent.
I always thought that my 3yr old cannot use washroom without me. Last week I had to leave him home to attend a friend’s wedding dinner. Now he tells me to go out of the washroom whenever he needs to go. 


There’s no point going somewhere without your child  and having  the thought “something terrible will happen” and manifesting your anxiety to a level where people might think that you’re a maniac. While a lot of “leaving the kids” worry is natural and biological but I also believe there are often other things holding us back like, maybe a little bit of ego (no one else can do as good a job as me!) or fear of judgment (I’m dying to get away, but I’m afraid my eagerness to take a break will make me look like a Bad Mom!).


We work really hard to be good parents & we come down so hard on ourselves when we fall short of the expectations WE SET. Please realise the fact that these set of expectations are set by you & not by your kids, so just relax.


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