Captured In Memory – 10 Tips For Newborn Photography

Captured In Memory – 10 Tips For Newborn Photography

29 Nov 2017 | 4 min Read


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As new parents, one of the things we all mostly wish for is a good photoshoot for our tiny munchkins. But we just don’t know how to go about it? Whom to ask about a good photographer, how to find out on our own, etc.


Recently we did a photoshoot for our little one in Mumbai and had a great time!! It was one of those big milestones for me, with Baby V turning 6 months old, and I really wanted to capture it. Since we did not do a newborn photoshoot for him, it was all the more important to capture the half year. Here are some tips from our experience of baby photoshoot that might help you in planning yours:


1. Word of mouth: If you see any of your friends posting pics on  social media of their baby’s photoshoot, reach out to them and take inputs from them. They will mostly be very helpful in giving an unbiased review of the photographer.


2. Follow mom bloggers: Find out some mom bloggers on Instagram, as they would know the good photographers in their city. As a mom blogger, I saw a fellow mom bloggers’s baby’s photoshoot and contacted the photographer. Once you follow the photographer on Insta and see their work, you’ll also get suggestions on following similar people. That’s how you collect your data and then speak to them.


3. Studio vs home: Most popular photographers like Shipra & Amit, Anega etc charge a higher fee for coming to the family’s home for the photoshoot. Although I feel going to their studio is much better, as they know the natural lighting is best at what time, which part of their home or studio is the cosiest, and they will have props that you mostly won’t have at your home. If its an outdoor setting then they can suggest the best places nearby, like a beach, or a good park.


4. Recee: If the shoot is planned at your own home, let the photographer come a few days prior to the photoshoot to see what kind of equipments they will need to bring with them. This helps solve issues of miscommunication and expectation of space etc.


5. Research: You will need to check works of international photographers and Indian photographers to see what kind of style you like best, and whether your shortlisted photographer will be able to achieve that. Select and share pics that you really desire, and discuss with your photographer.


6. Average cost: A good photographer charges anything between Rs.15-50k, depending on the package. For a Rs.15k package they will mostly give 15-20 hi-res pics (after you shortlist from among 40-60 pics), the shoot will be for 3-4 hours in 3 different settings. For a Rs.35k package, they will give you 20-25 hi-res pics, the shoot will be for 4-5 hours, in 4 different settings, and they will also share a coffee table book with the chosen images.


7. Props: start discussing the baby’s clothes and props required for the photoshoot with the photographer atlas 2-3 weeks in advance. Try to borrow some of this stuff from your friends. For Baby V’s photoshoot we bought a bow-tie and tie from and borrowed stuffed toys from his friends


8. Keep baby’s toys handy: During photoshoots, babies can get cranky with the big black camera staring at them constantly. Let them see their familiar toys once a while and feel comfortable.


9. Don’t let the photographer rush you up: If you have the package for 3-4hrs, let the maximum pics be clicked when the baby is most fresh. They will genuinely come out better than when the baby is sleepy, hungry, wet or intimidated.


10. Extra pair of hands: Parents get so fuzzled with managing the baby, props, their own attires that having an extra set of hands is very helpful. Make sure this person (whether its a baby-sitter, or a friend, or an aunt) is familiar with the baby and can manage a cranky baby on their own.


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