Preparing For The Baby - Your Pregnancy Checklist

Preparing For The Baby - Your Pregnancy Checklist

It's that time of pregnancy where you are either too anxious about when the baby will finally be here or you start feeling so settled in the pregnancy and wish that it would last a little while longer :-) After all, it’s beginning to get a little comfy and you can feel the reassurance of the baby moving around certain times of the day.


So here is how you can prepare for the baby beforehand and not get intimidated when you get back from the hospital:


  • Pack your bags and the baby's bags separately. It’s ideal to hand over the bag to the nurse so that they can decide what the baby needs to wear. The hospital maintains a certain level of temperature hence the baby may require sweaters, socks, cap and mittens.
  • You may need to check with your organization on the documents required for medical claims.
  • Prepare a template for announcing the baby’s arrival. All the daddy needs to do then is to put a pic and the date of birth.
  • Organize your home in such a way that when you return from the hospital, you know exactly where your things are.
    • Baby mattress, cover sheets and blanket. If you intend for the baby to co-sleep with you, getting a net bedding is also a good idea
    • Have spare diapers handy. You will be surprised with the number of diapers that you will be pulling out in the first 2-3 weeks. If you are planning to keep the baby on cloth nappies through the day, the first month may see you using around 20-30 nappies a day.
  • It’s best to avoid using wet-wipes on the baby. The extensive use of diapers and then wet wipes is too harsh for the baby’s soft skin. Hence keep a stash of cotton handy, so that every time you need to clean the private area you dip the cotton in lukewarm water and squeeze the excess water from it before applying it on the baby.
  • In case shopping for the baby is not allowed beforehand (according to some traditions) then build an Amazon wish-list which you can order as soon as you come back from the hospital.



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