Travelling By Airplane, With An Infant

Travelling By Airplane, With An Infant

Just 2 months back Baby V & I took our first flight together. Ohh what a lovely experience! (But before the flight, the anxiety. Lots of people ask me how does one travel by air with a baby? 


Here are some great tips that I collected from many moms & the ones what worked for us.

1. Target reaching the airport at least 1.5hrs before the flight. In case the baby requires a diaper change or a feed, you'll have time for it.


2. A pram or a baby carrier is a must! I can't imagine carrying V in my arms that too at T3 IGI Airport. A pram helps you change the diaper and in case the baby falls asleep, they have some place to lie down in. We managed to run to the boarding gates in it.


3. Ensure the diaper is not full and baby is going to be comfortable for the next 2-3hrs in it. It's not easy changing in the air. 


4. If you are travelling alone with the baby, check in all your luggage & keep only the diaper bag and pram/carrier with you. You have only 2 hands! No handbag on top pls. 


5. Ask for help from the airport staff when you need to collect your luggage from the belt. It's not going to be easy managing baby and luggage. They are more than willing to help out. We had a great experience at Mumbai airport in this regard. 


6. How to use the washroom? Trust the Airlines female staff if you have to go for a quick bio break. They usually have experience & are dependable.


7. Feed the baby at take-off and landing. The pressure in the ears is what gets babies agitated. Swallowing is the best way to handle the pressure. Whether it's your own BM or bottle, don't start feeding when the announcement is made. It usually takes a while before the ascend and descend. When you feel the plane is tilting up or down, that's the  right time to  feed.

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