​Typical Mommy Traits - Which One Do You Have?

​Typical Mommy Traits - Which One Do You Have?

The quintessential Indian mom is a savior for any average kid. Despite the fact that being a mother feels special no matter what country you are part of, there are few typical goof-ups that Indian moms make when it comes to “mothering”​ ​right!


Belief that her kid can do no wrong​ - Try hard, yet you will barely be able to explain that her son has poked trouble in class. Try harder, you would still barely convince her that her daughter did bunk class.


Over-indulgence and leniency ​-  A mom  often sneaks her child the chocolate which caused cavities in the first place. Remember  when dad cut your pocket money out and mom​ ​did​ ​not​ ​mind​ ​hiding​ ​a​ ​500​ ​rupee​ ​note​ ​under​ ​your​ ​pillow!


Reporting your child’s mistakes to his/her dad within a blink of the eyelid​ - When you report all of your child’s issues at school or over the day, right after he come home from work, it turns unbearable.


Firm faith in comparative upbringing - Indian moms tend to view any positive development in her friend’s child as competition. Once you begin to flaunt your kid as a trophy or even impose decisions on him or her, there creeps in a feeling, which restricts them from opening up to you.


Planning the course of her child’s life - Most Indian moms already have a clear cut map in mind about what track her child “should” take in life. Wake up mommy, this is 2017. Bring home “Yes Parenting.” Instead of saying no to your child’s plans and wishes, say yes. You are always around if he or she fails later.


Saying no to his/her choices in personal life​ - Most often, moms in India put their feet down on the girl their son brings home. Ditto for the guy, their daughters bring home!


Being a mom is the best thing ever yet it is the  toughest thing on this planet. We salute a mom’s spirit and role. However, controlling these desi traits could only help you be more relaxed.


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