Tips For a Perfect Baby Shoot

Tips For a Perfect Baby Shoot

A Photo shoot for an 8 month old can be tricky. By this  time they develop a sense of what is going on, their liking/dislike for it and of course those little tantrums. Also, unlike the newborn photoshoot, the baby is not sleeping here and the shoot is also outdoor probably in 3 or 4 locations. And for good pictures, you certainly need the baby to be in a good mood – happy and chirpy. We recently did Baby S photoshoot and below is the learning/tips to get fantastic clicks.


1. Feed to the fullest. If the tummy is happy the baby is happy. Plan the shoot in such a manner that it starts right after you have fed the baby. This will ensure that you at least have next 1.5 hours in hand for the shoot.


2. Do not mess with the sleep timings of the baby. If the shoot is going to take long, allow the baby to nap.


3. Carry quick foods for the outdoor shoots like banana, biscuit etc. Do not forget the formula milk and the  feeding bottles.


4. Make sure the baby is shielded from sun. As babies are not used to sun, this can irritate them.


5. Carry lot of outfits for change. Same outfit pictures become boring. Take along the accessories, matching shoes etc.


6. Carry their favourite toys.


7. If the baby is still learning to sit and has not mastered the  art of balance completely, in that case put some extra rugs around to avoid getting hurt by falling and bumping.


8. Check the timings of the location of the shoot. Generally parks are open for certain time.


9. Choose morning hours, as sunlight is not very strong.


10. Swimming pool makes a great location.


11. If going for a professional photographer, choose a photographer who is a pro in baby shoot because baby is going to change poses in split seconds. Patience is the key. He need not necessarily be expensive.


12. Decide in advance if you want a particular type of picture. Share it with the photographer beforehand so that it can be achieved.


13. Use lots of props.


14. If you are doing the shoot by yourself, you have the liberty to split it in days for different locations.


Keep the above in mind and build up great memories for years to come.


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