Baby Travel Checklist: Do You Have Everything?

Baby Travel Checklist: Do You Have Everything?

30 Nov 2017 | 5 min Read

Moneet Kaur

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Here’s the one stop list for your next travel with the baby:


1. Basic Medicine – Take Medicine for basic issues like  cough, cold, fever, vomiting,  diarrhea, constipation etc. or anything specific your child needs. Don’t depend on OTC purchase in the place /country you are visiting.



2. Milk – In case you baby is off the breast feed (and even if not), carry formula milk as could come handy to calm the crying baby if there is no room/place to feed or on the move. Also, if you have started your little one on the cow milk, you should still carry formula milk if you are not sure of the source as your kid might be sensitive to it. However, if your little one is getting constipated due to lot of formula feeds, try buying milk from a retail shop and get it boiled at your hotel/apartment.


3. Enough Diapers & Diaper changing Sheet/Mat – Some prefer carrying minimum stuff and like to buy from the place visiting. However, I have always preferred to carry the ones my girl uses for her comfort. This one depends on your and your little one’s comfort to wear another brand etc. (if same not available)


4. Clothing to support both climates (just in case) + Blanket (light weight) – Even if you are travelling to hot & humid climate or vice versa, it’s essential to carry some jacket/sweater to prepare for the surprises. This also helps during commute as ACs setting in bus/taxis/airports/restaurants can result in your kid catching cold.  


5. Toiletries – We really don’t want to have too many knowns for our baby all at once so do pack the lotion, body/diaper rash creams, body wash, shampoo, toothpaste & toothbrush etc. your kids are used to to avoid any skin allergies.


6. Lightweight collapsible stroller – This one is highly recommended by me and again a personal choice. This really helps while you are shopping at airport/mall and safer too (for baby, you and the surrounding paraphernalia!). Do note that the kids need to get used to sitting in it prior to travel to avoid any fuss.


7. Diaper/Small Sling Bag with basic stuff to carry everywhere (changing clothing of all – Mom + Dad + baby) – This is must and helps you to manage your daily visits/sight-seeing as you can leave the remaining luggage behind at your hotel or in cab but just having the essentials for the baby with you all the time! I have faced situations where my daughter felt sick and threw up all over me and so a change of clothes was a real help.


8. Fillers (depends on the stage of child) – Knick knacks to fill the travel times/hunger pranks if no possibility of food – Snacks become really important component especially when you are on travel/move as you might not find ideal places to dine always or right time for the meals. Please be more flexible with the choices for food for your little one and start preparing the baby by occasionally dining outside before the trip starts to identify his/her interests. Snacks could include fruits, buns/muffins (available from your breakfast buffet), cereals, fruit cakes or some homemade stuff that can sustain for days etc.


9. Favorite Toy/Sleeping Toy/Beach toys and Books – These are must to keep the child engaged and busy at times. Familiar toys make them feel comfortable in distress too.


10. Bibs and Towel – Hygienic picks and can save you from changing clothes too often


11. Pack of Tissues and Hand Sanitizer to quickly and hygienically clean the mess and hands


12. Zip locks to pack some leftover food for later eats – This really helps to pack some stuff and lighter to carry too as little one might not be in mood to eat when you stop for the same.


13. Sippy Cups for water/Juices etc. – Sippy cups are sure thing for your kid to independently drink water and juices and enjoy at the same time.


14. Bottle Brush and Cleaning Liquid – This helps if your little one is still on bottle feed and not yet comfortable with cups/glasses or easier too. You can also use it to clean some of the other stuff like bowl/cups which you might be carrying.


15. Small pouches of washing detergent – This one depends how long you are headed out and number of extra clothes you are carrying. I generally keep it to clean the occasional vomits etc. as it could get smelly at times.


So, next time you travel just open this link and you are sorted!!


“The man who goes alone can start today; but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready.” – Henry David Thoreau


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