Raising An Independent Child

Raising An Independent Child

30 Nov 2017 | 2 min Read

Ruchi Gupta

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We all parents want to do our best when it comes to parenting.  We want to raise the best scholar, the best sportsperson, the best musician, the best cook and the list just goes on and on. But we forget to raise the best character in our children. A good character will always lead to a good professional but may not be vice versa. Character shapes a person but once the basics are formed they may not be so easily reworked. One of the major factors influencing character is the level of independence one gets to  exercise. We as  parents can only be a facilitator and show them way. Rest their basics will do. Some basic traits that need to be inculcated in their behaviour from childhood and help them go far ahead are:



Self Worth

  • Taking a stand for themselves
  • Belief in self
  • Belief in giving more than accepting


Self Management

  • Importance of discipline in life
  • Not taking failures too seriously
  • Learning to stand after falling


Self Happiness

  • Living life to fullest
  • Motivating self
  • Finding good in everything




  • Respecting the individual differences
  • Not being judgemental
  • Respecting and valuing people and relations more than right/wrong 



  • Making best use of a situation
  • Chasing excellence rather than success
  • Investment in health
  • Respecting time and money

Holding hand of children is must but spoon feeding is not required; it makes them dependent. Teach them basics and values but do not control their belief system. Train them to think and not what to think teach them to behave but not how to behave. They are individuals let them celebrate their individuality and not live our belief system that is influenced by society and our parenting.


Have a good parenting, enjoy seeing them fall and then get up and fight with more strength; you will be amazed.


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