Planning A Road Trip With A Toddler

Planning A Road Trip With A Toddler

It’s been almost an year that we went on a road trip so this year during summer vacation we decided we will take a road trip.


This was going to be our first trip with Guplu in our own car from  Delhi so there were a few things we kept in mind while preparing for the trip.


1. Longer Travel Time


Consider at least 2-3 hours extra in your travel time



2. Leaving early morning

We plan to leave very early in the morning so that we cover more distance  while Guplu is sleeping. She is usually in deep sleep early mornings.


3. Packing clothes

Apart from packing the clothes for the stay for 3 days at our destination, we have a small bag packed for the things we may need during the ride.



  • A set of extra clothes
  • A set of Pyjamas
  • Some wash towels
  • Some wipes
  • A paper roll
  • Sunscreen cream
  • Medicines for vomiting, gas troubles and fever


4. Fill up the fuel tank

 We filled the fuel tank to its maximum so that we had to take minimum breaks for fuel only.


5. Snacks


We consider ourselves a family of foodie :P :D . We just need food and any issue of our life can be sorted!!!  Hence we make sure we have stocked enough things to snack whenever we travel.


For Guplu we have packed some fruits, some biscuits. We also have kept powdered milk in case we have to make milk to feed her on the way.  Chocos come in very handy while travelling. Some dry fruits and nuts to keep our stomach filled and ourselves energized.


6. Activities and toys

There is not much scope of activity on the way. Though we have kept some of her soft toys to keep her engaged on the way. We are blessed with a child who loves music so if we have a couple of songs of her liking we are sorted :)


7. First Aid Kit


8. Liquids are life

Lots of water since its peak summers. We have also kept some glucose and concentrated lime juice which we would dilute and use on the way.


That's about it.


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