Pregnancy is Mixed Bag of Feelings

Pregnancy is Mixed Bag of Feelings

30 Nov 2017 | 3 min Read

Ruchi Singla

Author | 5 Articles

When I became pregnant, I was totally bowled out. My pregnancy had all the elements of surprises, anxieties, sleepless nights and nightmares, false labor pains, loads and loads of morning sickness.


I slowly ventured into unknown territories of nine months, and as the time to deliver came nearer; my family members became cautious so as to ensure safe child birth.


Then one fine day, as if god had heard my prayers, it was around 4 pm when labor pains formed a pattern only to return every half an hour. As soon we realized it was time that we packed and started for nearby Nursing home where my delivery was planned.


They started the standard hospital procedure for preparing the patient for delivery. Meanwhile after the aneema, the pains progressed, and by 6.30 pm, I could not bear the intensity, as they came became excruciating, and came with more and more frequency. To hasten the process my water bag was burst by my gynae, it had black muconium.Immediately she suggested an emergency C-section and I was taken to the Operation theatre and was given epidural. In about 20 minutes at 8.15 pm out came my son. I gained consciousness only to realize that the agony of labor pains was over and my arms were filled by my son. The moment of glory and joy for the whole family. I also took longer time to heal and be on my foot as the stitches were very sore . It was not before few weeks that I got on my foot and could handle my baby all by myself.


But the real challenge was when I was due second time and now I had to make a choice between normal and C-sec. On constant counseling and advice by my Gynae, I elected C-section second time too. This time it was without labor pains and recovery period was short. Probably it was the effect of family support and my mind’s strength that my inhibitions for C-section were less this time. With proper diet and exercise I recovered fully after my second baby.


These days when I discuss with my near and  dear ones, it seems that C-section is New Normal method of having a baby. It certainly has its own benefits and drawbacks. But one must certainly gain firsthand knowledge, healthy and timely counseling by medical practitioner so that one can prepare for all the uncertainties which follow C-section. #blogathon @babychakra


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