Your Child’s Creations Are Treasures To Keep

Your Child’s Creations Are Treasures To Keep

30 Nov 2017 | 3 min Read

Ruchi Singla

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If you have a toddler or a school going child at home, you are most likely to have heaps and heaps of artwork. There are probably creations on his room walls, on your kitchen refrigerators, on paper rolls and in drawing books. Childhood is time for natural creativity and curiosity and it is a real joy for parents to watch their children hold crayons and draw their first paintings. These first creations are treasures of memories. It is wise and astute for parents if they want to create a storehouse for archiving these exceptional creations of their kids. Certainly, creative efforts deserve to be displayed, shared and encouraged.


When a child draws his/her first drawing on a paper, it is perhaps an achievement for his proud parents. They can well relate to it, feel elated to see their children’s’ creations.  However small and simple these may appear, parents put an extra effort to save these first handmade drawings, first handprints, first potato or ladyfinger prints. These are unique and priceless.


Present day technology lets you capture every special moment of your life. Just  click picture of your entire child’s creations, create an account, upload and share it across various online platforms. Again you can upload anything that is or his/her best work or is meaningful to your kid. It is nice to keep a regular sample and see the progress he/she makes throughout the year. As Art and memorabilia comes through the year, be sure to date them, mark how old is the child or what grade he goes to. They represent years’ worth of work that child is not willing to part with. Making regular diary entries with short notes mentioning special events can add more meaning to stored art work.  I share it with my friends as I have carefully and systematically created a catalogue for his artwork. Kids too love to go through their earlier done work and reminisce about their art and craft. Every creation needs appreciation, and hence a platform where such creations are kept unharmed so that you can come back anytime to see  them and associate with them. #blogathon @babychakra


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