One Year On, Kharghar Baby Still Shaken From Kharghar Daycare Incident

One Year On, Kharghar Baby Still Shaken From Kharghar Daycare Incident

1 Dec 2017 | 2 min Read


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Just around a year ago, several parents all over the country were rendered numb with shock after they saw a video of a child being brutally beaten by her caretaker at a Kharghar daycare. The child, Ritisha, is still coming to terms with the trauma a year later.


For those who are trying to recollect the incident, on 21st November 2016,  on her first day at Purva Playschool and Daycare, Kharghar, 10-month-old Ritisha Sinha was beaten up by her caretaker, Afsana Shaikh, for not sleeping in the afternoon. The assault resulted in a brain injury and a skull fracture. The entire incident, which was recorded on CCTV, was enough to give nightmares to anyone who saw it.


Ritisha’s mother says that she’s been brave throughout, but she still is scared of unknown women. The child receives plenty of care and attention now, but her parents worry about her future. The caretaker, Shaikh, is in Byculla jail but the owners of the facility are out on bail. The Sinha family is trying to get the case fast tracked.


Last year, Shaikh’s son and a resident from their locality had told newspapers of Shaikh’s alleged aggressive behaviour. Ritisha’s mother, Ruchita Sinha said, “A simple background check could have saved us from this trauma.”


Many urban, working parents who have limited family support have no option but to put their children in daycare or leave them with a maid. We tend to trust a school or daycare when they claim to be experienced and safe, but how often can we take their word for it? Do we conduct our own checks to ensure our children’s safety?


For the sake of our kids, we feel that every parent needs to invest a little time and keep our ears and eyes open to save us from feeling sorry later. Don’t you think?


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