20 Moms Who Are Making A Splash On Social Media

20 Moms Who Are Making A Splash On Social Media

Being a mom is a full-time job. You got to run around your kids and they certainly keep you on your toes. India's largest pregnancy and parenting platform - BabyChakra - celebrates the 20 moms who make time to post some really cool stuff on social media. Follow them TODAY.


1. Ritcha


This mom is not only a globetrotting beauty and lifestyle blogger but also a corporate communications specialist.


2. Lata


She posts a lot of pictures of her three spunky and spirited kids apart from talking about fashion.


3. Tanya Khubchandani Vatsa


If you are having a stressful day, visit Tanya’s Instagram page. The memes she shares will make you burst out with laughter.


4. Pranavi Acharya


Pranavi is super talented. She is a playback singer and voice artist while her hubby is a choreographer.


5. Saru Mukherjee Sharma


One of the top-ranked mom influencers in the country, Saru has also made an Instagram page for her son, Rudraksh.


6. Shivangi


If you want to know which products are best for your little ones, follow Shivangi as she keeps posting about them.


7. Simrun Chopra


Chopra calls herself a mom to a little T-Rex. She has gone from size XL to XS and shares nutrition tips on her page.


8. Ananta Goyal


Ananta’s page has a mix of everything and currently is she promoting a mom pop up that she’ll be hosting in Jaipur.


9. Anandita Agrawal


From tips on motherhood to fashion, Agrawal writes about it all. On social media, she goes by the name - crazylilmum.


10. The Racerback Mama


She is a mom to a toddler and a Yorkie, and both of them get an equal amount of attention on her social media pages. The Racerback Mama also claims to be a self-proclaimed writer.


11. Minakshi Bajpai


Bajpai’s page is filled with adorable pictures of her son and daughter. This tea lover also builds apps and writes.


12. Chandni


Child psychologist, founder of Jumping Genius, creator of Mom in the Bay Popup and blogger. Woah, Chandi is definitely a powerhouse of talent.


13. Deepali Soam


A teacher by profession, Deepali reviews a lot of baby care and makeup products.


14. Aalia Danish


Aalia Danish loves posting videos in of her daughter. The way it's going, her kid will definitely be a social media star one day.




This mom shuttles between Mumbai and Vadodara. She loves to travel and is very active on Instagram posting pictures of her day to day life.


16. Dipika Singh


Dipika mainly focuses on event coverage and reviews of food and skincare products.


17. Papri Ganguly


A makeup addict, Ganguly’s page is full of images of herself and her kid. She recommends products only after trying them out.


18. Shalini Dalmiya


Clear all your doubts about which products are good for your kids by visiting Shalini’s page.


19. Afsha


Coffee and chocolates keep this mommy sane while she goes about looking after her kids and blog.


20. Gurjeet Chhabra


The person to follow for some wonderful DIY hacks.


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