5 Reasons Why Kids Should Work on a Vertical Surface

5 Reasons Why Kids Should Work on a Vertical Surface


Someone once gave me a little tip that the use of  vertical surface for writing is better than the horizontal method. That was the first time I realized that it requires a different skill altogether when one writes/colors on a vertical surface. Imagine using a chalkboard for long – your hand  aches, doesn’t it?  Proof it’s a different experience, right there!


That said, vertical surface writing is something we all should encourage even though it sometimes gets messy when a crayon is involved (even though the said crayon is washable). These activities might include construction toys like wooden blocks, megablocks or lego, games, arts and crafts and writing tasks on the vertical plane.


There are loads of exciting ways to play and work using a vertical surface.  Here are some of our favorites:

  • Scribbling on the walls, doors, the cabinet doors is #1 on the list. I’ve given up on cleaning these days, and just tell myself that I’ll cover it up with a coat of paint once he’s a bit bigger, so he can keep having fun.
  • Construction toys like wooden blocks, Megablocks, Lego. We have the first two and Zoe LOVES it! One of the best toys to invest in.
  • Sticker activity- We love our wall decals and every time we get a new one (which is like quite a lot, thanks to Amazon sale days) we have to involve the little when putting that up , otherwise he sulks.
  • Chalkboard writing- Chalk leaves a relatively impermanent mark, making its cleanup easy and efficient.I have hung a small chalkboard so the scribble is limited to only chalks – but on most days he gets the crayons to the walls anyway.
  • Art Easel- Even though, it’s slightly angled it works the same. We have a double sided one that has both a magnetic whiteboard and a chalkboard, and a tray for holding paints. Talk about VFM.
  • Stickers & Magnets- Children can put stickers on calendars and magnets on the refrigerator. We use a magnetic set that has ample scope for story telling and pretend playing – a Transport themed one.
  • Budget Verticals-  In addition to readily available vertical surfaces like classroom chalk and dry erase boards that are perpendicular to the floor, large pieces of paper taped to the wall colouring on large cardboard boxes can also provide vertical surfaces at home which are just as awesome!


Vertical plane activities help students with developmental and learning disabilities improve fine-motor skills because the surfaces are right in front of their faces- promoting visual attention. Both vertical and angled work surfaces provide the following advantages and so here are 5 simple reasons why they should be encouraged.  

  1.     The right height: the surfaces are right in front of their faces- promoting visual attention
  2.     Hand-Eye Coordination
  3.     Increases visual attention
  4.     Strengthens shoulder, arms, and hand since the child reached out
  5.     Amazing fun and engagement – What more can you ask for! J


We had a Christmas tree on the wall last year – That was a hit activity. Speaking of which… Christmas is almost here *eeeeeeee* Check out these felt Christmas tree and nativity that I made last year – all great vertical play activities!


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