Toy Story: Version Neha Desai

Toy Story: Version Neha Desai

Neha was inspired to start her venture Toyzenia while looking for unique toys for her little one. Now she helps other moms source the best toys for their kids. Check out her step by step narration on conceiving her venture to execution along with managing motherhood.

1. My Mom Quotient

I am a very Encouraging Mother. I have managed the balance of listening to my 5 yr old Son Vihaan & making sure that he listens to me too. I value Vihaan's thoughts & feelings which has taught him that his opinion is valid too. It's a kind of mutual respect between me & him that has helped him to be an independent child who can think outside the box. I have learnt that being a mother is neither a tough job nor a time consuming experience. It's actually just a practical process with common sense and self-confidence. One has to just follow her own parenting style.

2. My Mom Inc. Story

My Journey with Toyzenia began in September 2013 when I realized there would be many mothers like me who are looking for unique things for their kids. I knew I had to reach out to them so I chose to bring in all the unique products together and start a facebook page & called it Toyzenia. Vihaan's enthusiasm to every toy I brought home motivated me to keep an eye out for exclusive toys for him & my Business Page. When I began I didn't inform my Family & Friends in detail about what I was doing as I was waiting to reach a certain peak. I wanted to make it on my own, find my own customers, like minded mothers like me. And, I Did. I started with just a few small orders & as of today I have lost count to the number or orders I have finished with. We have organized many Birthday Parties & Baby showers around India too. We also supply to many stores, Wholesalers & Crafters around India & have many Housewives who buy from me & sell it further. I was overwhelmed when I was asked to interview by the Smart Indian Women website.

Every Child is different and so are their needs and interestsaz. Toyzenia is for all the mothers like me who are looking for Unique Games, Educational Toys & Creative Crafty Things for their children from the comfort of their homes. I make sure i provide them as many options as possible so they can choose just the right product for their child.

3. Who inspired/ supported me

The people who inspired me to start Toyzenia are my son Vihaan, my husband Tanmay & my sis-in-law Megha. Vihaan was so enthusiastic about every toy I handpicked for him which made me search for more and more unique things for him. My husband always told me to do something on my own, something that my future self will thank me for. My sister in law always motivated me, she has reached at a level in her life with her hard work and determination. Additionally, it was the endless support from my in-Laws & Parents that has brought me where I am today.

4. Advice/tips

Be confident about what you are selling & your products will sell itself. Maintain a reasonable margin after covering up all your costs, even the knick knack ones. Market your products on social networks so that consumers are updated with what's in stock at your end and always remember to focus on your customers rather than your competitors. Amongst all this manage your time wisely to balance work and family. For me fulfilling the role of a mother while running a business was incredibly overwhelming, so I made sure I work around my son's schedule and not work my son around my work schedule.

5. I love BabyChakra because
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