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We at BabyChakra never felt the gloom of winter in November thanks to some engaging articles contributed by moms on our platform. Some articles made us think, some made us laugh while others made us connect like never before. These are the articles that were extremely popular in November. You have to take a look!


Is love only about red roses and dinner dates? Priyanka Maheshwari doesn’t think so!



Red Roses, Solitaire - Are These the Only Way to Express Your Love?


Pati Parmeshwar? Seriously?



Is Your Pati Your Parmeshwar?


She lost her child not once, but twice. But Dr Dhanya Prajesh hung on to something very important. Hope.



I Lost Two Babies, But Never Lost Hope: My Story of Courage


 What do you say when people tell you, “Arre, beta hona tha. Yeh kya hua?”



A Girl Is God's Blessing - Mehr


Get your piece of the pie because this is sweetened with dates and is delicious! Awesome recipe by Yogini Kandre


Try This Delicious Khajur Pie Recipe For Your Family


They told Priyanka Mor she would have a boy. But she got a girl. Guess what happened then.


You Will Definitely Have A Boy.....But Guess What It’s A Girl!


Yogini Kandre contributed a lovely recipe again! This time for a yummy, healthy chutney.



Healthy-Nutritious Flax Seeds Chutney


Top Momstar Shruti Giri got her fussy toddler to eat and potty train, her way. How?how?how?


How I Got my Fussy Toddler to Eat And Potty Train!


Want to save money? Head to the post office. Don’t believe us? Read Priyanka Maheshwari’s article


How To Save Through Post Office Investment Schemes


Dessert made of sweet potatoes. Wow!



Quick Recipe - Sweet Potato Dessert For Your Toddlers


Why is everything Indian looked down upon?



What's Wrong in Being Desi?


Before you become a parent. Getting your financials in place is crucial, says Moneet Kaur.



5 Financial Commitments Every Parent Should Consider 


Ragi Apple Sheera for toddlers. Bye bye breakfast woes!



Recipe For Apple Ragi Sheera For Your Little One


This wheat porridge is perfect for a growing baby.


Wheat Flour Porridge Recipe For Your Little One


Planning your baby’s first photoshoot? Can’t miss these tips.



Tips For a Perfect Baby Shoot


Are you SadMa? Or Bholi Ma? Which Bollywood Ma suits your personality? Hilarious!



Which Bollywood Maa Are You?


Getting your mojo under the sheets can take time, but it is not as tough as it seems.



Resuming Sex Life After Delivery


Keep writing mommies, maybe next month, you’ll find your article here!


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