How to Help Your Child Learn - Hand Coordination

How to Help Your Child Learn - Hand Coordination

Tissue papers are one of children’s best friends. They love to unroll, crumple,  tear or pinch tissues. What can be better than engaging children in something they love to do? Let’s start!





  • Gather unwanted pieces of craft tissue paper or kite papers.
  • Let your child tear the tissue papers into small bits or you could cut them randomly into squares
  • Clean and dry the bottle before giving it to your child to play


How to play with your child: Crumpling the paper and pushing it into the spout of the water bottle is great for encouraging fine motor skills (using the thumb, index, and middle finger). Encourage your child to hold the bottle with the non-dominant hand hence allowing your child to work on bilateral hand coordination. And of course children love the crunchy sound the bottle makes when you squash it!


Pinching and crumbling paper is an excellent fine motor exercise for children. It is an activity that works the small muscles of the hand and really strengthens the arches of the hands.


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