Funny Zodiac Predictions for December 2017

December – the last month of the calendar – the month to be jolly, is right here. With a pinch of humour, we bring you the not-so-true predictions for the month!


Career for the Ram may move swiftly and smoothly in December. For a change, you will find it weird that you are finally compatible with your partner, even more, if they are a Scorpio. You will be aggressive when it comes to investment so play safe before you spend it all on online gambling games!



All your hard work will finally pay off in December – but there’s high chance that the reward won't be money. Maybe a nagging relative will just give you a kiss, or your colleague may start envying you – that could be your reward. Salary hike, change of jobs, or even your baby getting potty trained – this is going to be a successful month.



In December you will be blessed with abundance, prosperity and wealth. This could also mean that you will get so many gifts and cakes (abundance) that the dress you bought on Diwali won’t fit you anymore (prosperity). I'm not saying any more!



This month is going to give you the hills – not just because of the weather, but also because you are likely to make inappropriate decisions, owing to confusions. Keep a cool mind and you may be able to figure out how to return the dress you ordered 3 sizes smaller!



This month the Leo would like to focus on their emotional well-being and would invest time in creating and innovating. From using your artistic side to even wanting to create a baby … this is your month, champ!! Do it!



This month, the Virgo should strive more to spend more time with family than you usually do. You would also be very active as a spouse this month and your partner will be happy with you. So keep your list of demands handy.



Libra will struggle to manage the chaos in their life this month. You will want to do multiple things this month which may bring you anger and a bad temperament. Ahem… is your mother-in-law planning a trip this month?? Don’t do extra chores in order to please her because, one, she’ll probably still love you as much as she always does, and two, anger and temperament, remember?



This is your month to be a celebrity! Your job, your love life, your family – everyone will consider you as the most wanted person of the month. Your intuition will probably work great and help you make some extra moolah!! So might as well return any money you have borrowed – maybe that is why everyone wants you this month!! Oops!


This month is going to be full of highs and lows. Highs, because it is probably your birthday, and lows because you probably expected solitaires and got a pastry with a cherry instead (and probably your baby ate the cherry too). But your job will be stable and get you regular income, so you might as well go binge shopping and get whatever you want.



This month, you will be your own boss, you Capricorn!! This month you are not taking any orders! If there is aggression, divert it towards your fitness and look for a vent that is more productive. But if the trainer guides you a bit too much on your diet, tell him who the boss is this month!!



Romance and marriage for the Aquarius may be a little difficult to cope with this month, but professionally, you would do great! This will be a good time to start your business – but be careful who you discuss it with this month, as a family is not listening to you this time around. Or you could get a Capricorn friend to show all those who don’t listen to you about who’s the boss.




Money flow will be good this month, and there will be challenges that you would qualify and excel with flying colors. Do you have any friends with birthdays this month? They’d appreciate your good company while you have monetary prosperity this month – who doesn’t like a nice gift!!wink


We hope that these little good things come true, and even if they don’t, we hope they really made you chuckle. Do let us know if any of this came true for you!!


If you have any Sagittarius friends, do wish them in the comments section below.


Till then, happy Humoroscope Ladies!!


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