Meet Tara Sharma The Mom

Meet Tara Sharma The Mom

Talented, smart, humble and real. That's how we'd describe Tara Sharma. The mother of two describes her life as a circus. Given how she's managing motherhood and career, we think that would make her the Juggler! She's also super honest: in her own words: her career started after kids. Check out what she has to say about her life as a mom: Quite a few surprises!

1. Your Mom Quotient (MQ):
What kind of a Mom are you!

I'd describe myself as a constantly learning mum. Most of us fall into this category :). I will never claim to be an expert because I am not: every mother has her own way of raising her child and everyone has a way that's right for them and their family. It's so situation and context specific! To sum up, I am definitely a non-judgmental mum: often floundering but learning all the time!

2. My story being a Mom entrepreneur: How did you manage a crazy work schedule and being a Mom?
What/Who were your inspirations & support systems?

(Laughs) Ok! So my life is a circus! 2 kids, a dog running around and a show! Its as fun and crazy as it gets.

But you know: Honestly: I love being a Mum. As an actress I'd have had to leave my two (kids) alone for long period of time. Plus, the roles were getting few and far in between.

So when I became a mum and loved being a mum, I thought back to what my dad always said: If you are passionate about something and it doesn't exist, create it! So I decided, this was it: I became a mompreneur from the day I became a mum. What helped was that I have a business background: I've studied at LSE, worked at Accenture and so, for my show as well, I can manage channel deals, bring in brands etc. It's been a fantastic transition. One I love.


On support systems: I have so much to be grateful for. My husband, Roopak, is a pillar of support. My mum lives in the same building as me and is hands on with my kids as well. My Dad has always been an inspiration given he was in the creative field as well and all I've learnt from him guides me everyday: even 3 years after he passed.

On a different front: technology has been a massive enabler to manage work and life.

Overall, I'd say my kids were the inspiration around the show. So my career didn't stop; it actually started after my kids.

3. Any Advice/ Tips to other moms like you?

I'd say, do what works for you.. listen to tips and advice but do what works. Enjoy being a Mum!

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Check out her YouTube channel.

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