Eleven Months And Loving It!

Eleven Months And Loving It!

Cheers to eleven months of motherhood! Yes, my baby is eleven months old and since the day she was born, I vouched to give her the best of everything. Don’t we all? From toiletries to food to diapers, everything that we chose for her had to be and was the best.


And so was the case when it came to choosing a diaper. A mom needs a lot of things handy during the initial months and diapers are among the most important essentials. A lot of moms prefer cloth nappies for their newborns  but I chose to use diapers. Pampers was the obvious choice since it was the best. For the first month, I used regular diapers. I tried the pant style diapers once later and found them to be very easy to use and very comfortable for my baby so I decided to switch.      


It was only last week that I was on a shopping spree (we were about to travel for a wedding) and I was stocking up on essentials. I came across the new Pampers Baby Dry Pants and decided to give them a try. All through the travel and even during the wedding, I used Pampers Baby Dry Pants and found them to be really good!  



You know how weddings can get. Lots of people, the baby being cuddled by everyone, social obligations allowing very little time for us parents to give the baby undivided attention, baby getting cranky because of hunger, irritation etc. But this occasion was happy for all of us, especially my baby. In my opinion, the diapers are a hit because my daughter was happy, active and dry all through!  


We left for the wedding around 7 in the evening and came back by 1:30 in the night. That was close to six hours but I did not have to worry at all. During the night, I kept checking the diaper but it did not feel heavy or sag one bit. Thanks to the breakthrough three-channel absorption technology that is unique to Pampers diapers. The diaper is thin throughout but has a magic gel that absorbs the liquid uniformly and does not let the diaper sag.     


The pack also mentioned that the diaper absorbs 3X faster. Let me tell you, an eleven-month old pees a lot, quite a lot..but all of that was absorbed just like that! Throughout the night my daughter ate, played and slept (1:30 am is well past her bedtime!) in the same diaper without any discomfort.


I only changed her diaper after we came back home. It would have been fine even if I hadn’t because the diaper has a 12-hour liquid lock feature.  


And when I took off the diaper, there were hardly any marks around the baby’s waist, thanks to the super-soft waistband. In fact the diaper is made using breathable material with micro pores that keeps the wetness away from the baby’s skin. Even after I took off the diaper the inside felt quite dry and soft. No wetness, no rashes.    



Another noteworthy feature is the lotion on the diaper which keeps the baby’s bum soft.


I am very happy with #Next Gen Pampers Pants and so is my daughter!

Trust this mom and try out the #Next Gen Pampers pants today! You can thank me for it later! ;-)  


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