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There’s a powerful message hidden on the cover of TIME Magazine


Undoubtedly, only the most influential people in the world make it to the cover of Time magazine . But this year’s cover honouring the person of the year has a very special message. For starters, it's not just a person, but people, particularly women, who have been honoured. 


These women, namely Taylor Swift, Susan Fowler, Adama Iwu, Ashley Judd, and Isabel Pascual are those who make up, "The Silence Breakers.” These are the people who stood up to sexual predators and fearlessly shared their stories of sexual harassment thereby starting an awareness amongst women the world over. 


But the moment the cover photo was up, people noticed a very strange thing. A sixth person appeared to be a part of the picture, but only her/his arm is seen. It initially appears to be an error or a hurried photoshop exercise, but Times magazine says it left that arm intentionally. 


So whom does it belong to? Well, it belongs to a woman who shared her story of harassment but chose to remain anonymous. 


So symbolically, the arm belongs to all those who came out with their stories and campaigned against sexual assault, harassment and rape. That hand belongs to you and me. To women, who live and relive their horror stories every day, but have decided that they will not be quiet anymore. Let's stop sexual predation, shatter glass ceilings and break the silence. Well done, Time.


Source: mashable.com


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