Funniest Parenting Tweets of 2017

Parenting is such a rickety ride, that if you don’t have a sense of humor, you might not be able to survive it. So when that wee little human in your house makes you dance to his/her tunes, trust us, just take a big swig at humour and you can breathe a bit. 


To make you feel better, we have here the funniest tweets of the year 2017 from parents who know how to laugh through the pain. Have a read and laugh along, we’re in it together!


1. How come they always want something other than what’s there to eat?




2. Punishments then v/s punishments now



3. Sex and romance after you’re parents takes a completely different meaning


4. When they like a book, they really like it. Then there’s no escape



5. Friday night! What plans? Huh? 


6. Don’t fall into that trap. Just don’t 


7. When oh when will school start? 


8. No, they never fight, they just say hi



9. They know a bit too much sometimes... 


10. Kids have a secret alarm that goes off when mums sit down



11. They say the darnest things….


12. And it seems like we’re the dictators 


Sigh! Keep laughing parents! Did we miss any that made you laugh? Share them in Comments and let’s all have a good laugh!


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