Lessons From Experience: Why Disposable Diapers Worked For Me

Lessons From Experience: Why Disposable Diapers Worked For Me

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With a new baby in your arms, there are only 3 things that completely dominate your cerebral matter - whether the child is feeding or not, the infinite number of pees and poops (& that too keeping a count of them!) and when will my baby sleep so that I can snooze off too!


While I still found my way around feeding and sleeping, I was just not able to cope up with the volumes of poop! On top of that, the elders in my family insisted that I use those cloth nappies (was specially tailored for my baby) or the traditional ‘langots’. Well, I understand their sentiments but I couldn’t come to terms with the discomfort it was causing my baby. I gave them a try for over a month, following which, I made up my mind to switch to disposable diapers.


Here are the things I learnt:


1. One has to be really vigilant (almost every moment) to check whether the nappy is wet due to pee or poop else the wetness wakes baby up and the cries are louder than any alarm bell I have ever had! It must have been really annoying for her to get wet…


2. Prolonged wetness really increased the chances of skin rash, which is another challenge, for newborn’s delicate skin.


3. However many nappies we stock, a single nappy goes through at least 2 washes a day (except for monsoons where you definitely need more). This makes the cloth texture a bit rough over a period of time and I could see that my baby wasn’t comfortable in it anymore.



4. And, don’t even ask me about the plight of using pure cloth options during monsoons! I reached a stage where I had no more nappies left for my baby despite multiple rounds of washing and power drying!



5. While I went on a diaper hunt, I tried out a couple of brands and finally found solace in the Pampers Premium Care Pants. The reasons were many:



  • The speed of absorption is impressive. It quickly absorbs all moisture and the surface touching the baby’s skin feels dry
  • Even though it is not made of cloth, I noticed that the material is more breathable as compared to the other diaper brands. In fact, the diaper is lighter than cloth and even after absorbing the pee, it is lighter than cloth. This made me guilt free about not using cotton cloth nappies for my baby.
  • Thirdly the fit on my daughter’s waist was perfect. Even when she moved her legs or so, it allowed movement without friction and naturally made it leak proof!
  • The other interesting thing I observed and later read about was it’s 3 Extra Absorb Channels. They allow for the wetness to be distributed even. This makes it convenient for my baby to carry the weight of the soiled diaper and prevents chances of leakage from one end too.


  • I also loved the wetness indicator which changes from yellow to blue when it’s time to change, making my life easy too!


While every Mom makes the best choices for her baby, if you ask me, I will surely recommend the Pampers Premium Care Pants.


What did you use for your baby and how was your experience? Please share with me in the comments box below.


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