Toddler Tantrum #3: No Haircut!

Toddler Tantrum #3: No Haircut!

Ever tried restraining your toddler while at the salon?

Been there while your little one’s screaming, crying, loads of tears, anger, shouting and lashing out occur? Does it take an army of people to coax, or even sometimes hold him down for his hair cut?


It’s not just you going through a hard time, it’s your little one too!


While you are getting perturbed about it, your toddler is probably thinking one of these things:

  • That chair is a strange chair.
  • This unfriendly place doesn’t have toys or swings and looks boring.
  • What is this strange uncle/aunty going to do to me?
  • I don’t like the feel of the plastic apron.
  • What are they going to do with the scissor? Mom’s always asked me to stay away.
  • He’ll cut my ear off!!
  • The hair falling over my face is yikes!


Your toddler’s fears are real. While I’ve had my share of failed attempts, I came up with a few strategies to calm us all.

  • Find a kid-friendly hair salon.
  • Accommodate his choices. If it’s a particular hair dresser, a particular chair, right in-front of the TV, hear him.
  • Try to make him sit in your lap.
  • Pick a good time of the day for your toddler when he’s rested and not hungry.
  • Address his fears and talk to him.
  • Take along something for distraction.
  • If he’s very uncomfortable, try snipping just the sides and leave the rest for later.
  • Sometimes, trimming at home helps ease quell the initial worries.



Be consistent and persevere. However, avoid physical control. It will only act as a deterrent for the next time.


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