Meet This Hands On Star Mom: Riddhima Kapoor

Meet This Hands On Star Mom: Riddhima Kapoor

BabyChakra met up with designer and celebrity mom Riddhima Kapoor Sahni at the biggest Christmas Carnival in the country, organised by Hamleys, at DLF Mall of India.


Riddhima and her daughter Samara unveiled a one-of-a-kind life-sized gift box at the atrium of the mall. This marks the kick-off of Hamleys’ much-awaited Christmas event which is even more grand and exciting this year. The entire mall has been converted into a winter wonderland with a whole host of activities for the little ones.


Amidst all the fun and cheer at the Hamleys store where children submitted ‘Letters to Santa’ while their parents watched on, BabyChakra Momstar Neha Vij caught up with Riddhima.   


MomStar Neha Vij: How do you manage to be a hands-on mom and make time for work?

Riddhima Kapoor: I just plan my day well. I start early in the morning and through the day I don many hats. In the morning I am a designer, in the afternoon I am a jewellery designer. After Samara comes home, around 4 or so, I make sure that we spend time together. And when she goes out to play, I have donned my work hat once more. Till it is time for lights-out!


MomStar Neha Vij: What Christmas traditions do you follow? How do you make this the season of play ‘n’ cheer for Samara?

Riddhima Kapoor: Every year, we used to have a Kapoor Christmas lunch. So that is how we have traditionally celebrated Christmas and Samara has too. This year we will not be celebrating as such because of my uncle’s (Shashi Kapoor) passing away. But I will take Samara to a Christmas lunch.


MomStar Neha Vij: What are your views on the importance of play for children?

Riddhima Kapoor: I think it is really really important for kids to send time playing outdoors everyday! One hour everyday, just outdoors - just a whole lot of fun and games.


MomStar Neha Vij: How do you think is BabyChakra helping moms across the country?

Riddhima Kapoor: I think BabyChakra is an amazing platform. As mums, we are always seeking advice on a lot of topics. I think BabyChakra is a great place for moms to come together to share ideas, give each other tips and learn from each other.


MomStar Neha Vij: Is your husband a hands-on dad?

Riddhima Kapoor: Absolutely! He actually does not get a lot of time to spend with Samara on usual days. So whenever we go on a holiday together, he makes up for it by taking care of her and spending loads of time with her then.


MomStar Neha Vij: What should parents keep in mind when buying toys for kids?  

Riddhima Kapoor: Parents should buy toys that spark their kids’ imagination. Kids have a vivid imagination, they are constantly doing different things. Hamleys has such an amazing collection of toys - it takes care of everything and all kinds of interests. Parents should just go for toys that their kids show interest in. And most importantly, spend time doing that activity with them. Free play is important but playing with kids is equally important.


If you are in NCR, then you must definitely go and check out the Christmas Carnival at DLF’s Mall of India till December 25th. And make sure that if you have a kid in tow, they write a letter to Santa and get the opportunity to get a gift from Santa himself!  


Wishing you a jolly festive season!


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