Funny Things People Say When You Are Pregnant

Funny Things People Say When You Are Pregnant

Getting pregnant comes along a lot of advices and old wives tales for you to listen and follow. When you are surrounded with your family you will have numerous people giving you N number of tips on how to increase breastmilk, on how to give birth to a fair baby and what not.


I had similar experiences but trust me I had laughed over a handful of them and ignored. Always trust your instincts and do what you know is best. This does not mean that all the old wives tales are lame but very few have scientific backing and most of them are twisted over generations.


So my little one is about to complete 2 years and I sat behind to think how fast they grow! While I was recollecting my pregnancy days, those funny advices people gave, just came to my mind and made me smile.


I am listing 10 of the most common things that people say to pregnant women:


  • Don’t step out of the house during late evening hours; you will give birth to a baby with deformity.
  • Drinking hot milk will turn your fetus’s lip black.
  • Sleeping longer on your left side will help you to bear a baby boy.
  • Consuming milk with saffron can make your fetus fair.
  • If the mother is having a lot of nausea it is believed that the baby has a lot of hair growth.
  • Eat for two as you have a baby inside.
  • Trimming your nails in third trimester might damage organs of the unborn child.
  • Wearing tight trousers/jean/leggings will make your unborn baby nose tilted.
  • Sleeping on your back or on the right side will result in the umbilical cord looping around the fetus’ neck.
  • Eating a lot of ghee, pineapple, spicy food can induce labor.


If you get such advice, just smile and move on.


All you need to do is trust your midwife/doctor when it comes to medical advice.


Enrol yourself in birthing classes along with your spouse. Be informed about labor pain, Braxton Hicks and water break. Let your spouse know what they are as well because in a pregnancy both husband and wife are equally responsible for the journey.


Which one of these do you get to hear all the time? Did I miss any other myth? Let me know in comments!


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