DIY Alert! Ring In Christmas With These Fun Crafts!

DIY Alert! Ring In Christmas With These Fun Crafts!

A very big hello to all. Christmas is almost here and we all excited to celebrate with  friends and family. As a child, I remember celebrating Christmas by drawing trees, snowmen and Santa Claus. But in today’s generation, kids need much much more. They only like things that interest them. So I am here to share some unique, educational, Christmasy activities for moms and kids


When we say Christmas it always begins  with  a Christmas tree.


1. Make a Christmas tree from a paper plate.

Take a few paper plates and let your toddler paint them green. Once they are done, its your time to work so cut each plate into 4 quarters. Now arrange them one under the other, with the pointy bit under the previous piece. At last u can stick a paper rectangle of brown colour. Stick all these with the help of glue. You can decorate your tree by sprinkling glitter on it and sticking a star on the top is a must :-)


2. How about a Christmas tree using the footprint of your toddler??

Paint the soles of your child’s feet with green colour and then take the impressions of the leg on a paper in such a manner that the heel region is on the top and and the toes are parted downwards (to give a impression of a tree). Again stick some stars and add some glitter if you wish.


3. The decoration ball ornaments used for Christmas tree turned into memory craft!

This time you have to paint the palms of your young ones in white colour. Now take the impression of them on the ornament balls just as they are holding them . Now you will need a black marker to draw hats and eyes and lips for all the 5 finger tips which will then look like a snowman! You can also write the name of your toddler with the year of celebration on the mid portion of palm.


This the video from where I got my inspiration to try these crafts for my little one! Try them out and let me know how you enjoyed them!


Source: lishieandfamily


4. A wreath from a paper plate!

Let your toddler paint the plate green. Mark the thickness of the wreath as you desire and let your child paint only the outer edges and not the middle of the plate. Once the painting is done, cut the portion marked(to get a donut shape). Now apply glue on the wreath and stick some coloured paper pieces on it to make it more attractive. Make a butterfly bow from a red paper and stick the same. Your wreath is ready!


5. Snowman from the footprints !

Paint your child’s foot white and take its impression on a blue-coloured paper. You can use the blue colour paper or make your child paint it blue. Once you’ve taken the impression, use the black marker and mark out the eyes, lips and hats like in activity #3.Make the hat and scarves in red.


That’s what I have for you this Christmas! Hope this Christmas will be a cherished one with your little one! Merry Christmas!  


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