Meal Plans Week 8: 6+ months

Welcome to Week 8 of the Kiddy Kitchen, mommies! We hope you are enjoying the winter and loving our winter special recipes. More importantly, we hope your kiddos are loving them!


Without further ado, here’s presenting the meal plans of the week that have been put together by Healthy Eating Habits Expert Deepti Arora.


If you have any questions, Deepti will be happy to answer them. Just ask away in comments!











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Kiddy Kitchen (Weaning)

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Archana Shah

Will it be safe to introduce nuts and dates before 1 year... ?? If i want to.. how and what should i begin with... ??

solutions abk

The meal plans and special recipes for the effective concepts and generating the useful rushmypapers programs. Presenting the meal plans for happy to answer them and comments has been processed.

solutions abk

Meal plans for special recipes and enjoying the happy questions on tasty foods, keep follow and get more info. It helps us the great involvements and generates essential concepts.

jacob oram

You have shared the great meal plan. This is very necessary for children because nowadays, our generation may not eat healthy food. In this modern world, industries are making processed food which harmful for the people but this advancement is supporting the internet business and many students may get help through with the help of internet which was not present in the past.

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