A Mom's wish for a Christmas gift from Santa

Let me be honest. I edited this post 3 times, BUT ended up writing something extremely silly yet simple.

Draft 1: All I want this x'mas is "8 hours of undisturbed sleep!" (I also got this awesome onsie from carters to perk up my post)...But somehow it sounded meh and I just chucked it.

I know as kids, they will have not-so-good days.. But in the midst of all the toddler tantrums, separation anxieties, parental disciplining and struggles, let there be plentiful of Happiness, joy and laughter in every house! So dear Santa, let every infant grow up into a happy toddler, an even happy pre-schooler and further beyond! Keep on lighting up every kid's mood just the way you did for us today. Let there be no "Y" in happYness, but "I" in happIness (thank you, Will Smith).

Dear Santa whilst you are busy working on the wishes of the witty moms and the funny moms, do remember to stuff the stockings of all our kids with countless HAPPY moments…be their guardian whilst their mums are at work, be their healer when they fall sick, be their guide when their own school teachers give up on them. Because all I want for X'mas is a world full of giggling, happy babies! Amen.

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