Toddler Tantrum #4: I Don't Want Food!

Toddler Tantrum #4: I Don't Want Food!

Wondering when your little baby who ate healthy meals at all times turned into a free-thinking toddler who wants to eat everything other than what is being served?


The tantrums could last for little or long depending on how you handle it. Your toddler could be having a tantrum at mealtime because:


  • He’s tired and exhausted after the entire day.
  • Your baby’s palate is evolving and he wants to taste different things.
  • The little one wants to say ‘no’ but doesn’t have the skills to communicate.
  • Has snacked before mealtime and isn’t hungry for dinner.
  • He’s either bored or overstimulated.


I’ve been through these and the mentioned below pointers have miraculously lessened my struggles:



Don’t plead with your child to eat. This is indicative of your toddler having power over you and is certainly paving the way to greater struggle.




When a toddler self feeds, he is an active participant in the process rather than merely a recipient of food eventually recognizing his hunger and satiation levels.




Give a small portion. This makes eating less daunting for your toddler. Once the portion is over, then refill if required.



Toddlers have evolving palates. Don’t offer similar foods every day.




Snacks used as distractions come in the way of mealtimes. Snack restrictions also reinforce the  importance of eating food presented to him at meal times.


Since I’ve kept these in mind, overall, meal times are now a much more pleasant occurrence in our household. Both my kids enjoy having us present with them when they eat and power struggles are now few and far between.


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