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Baby Conceived In 1992, But Born In 2017. How?

Not many of us might have heard about ‘embryo adoption’. But for 26-year-old Tina Gibson and her husband, embryo adoption has probably brought them their greatest Christmas gift this year: a baby girl.


The shocking part? The baby was born from an embryo frozen 24 years ago, (24th October 1992) making it a record length between the donation of an embryo and the delivery of a child.


So what is embryo adoption? Frozen embryos or ‘snow babies’ as they are called, are embryos leftover after a couple goes through an IVF treatment which are frozen for potential later use. The embryo is then transferred to the uterus of a woman who wishes to have a child when time and the need arises.  


In this case, the embryo was transferred into her mother’s uterus by the National Embryo Donation Center, an organization in Tennessee.The Center encourages couples to donate those embryos to other couples who are unable to conceive.


Tina Gibson told a leading news daily that if the baby was born when it was supposed to have been born, the two could have been best friends.


Path-breaking techniques like these are giving many struggling couples the chance to become parents. Will this technique give rise to a boom in embryo banks where couples make an embryo first then transfer it when they’re ready to be parents?


Disclaimer: Image and information has been sourced from theguardian


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Comments (8)

Rachita Choudhary

Technology has advanced a lot. It's ok to have a baby at later stages but what about the upbringing these kids who are born to older parents. Would love to hear your thoughts on this Priya Iyer Neha Agarwal

Kartik Kujur

I wish I knew this before

Priyanka Maheshwari@Momzjourne

Kartik Kujur .... u wish u knew this? Would have gone for this?

Kartik Kujur

Yes Priyanka Maheshwari@Momzjourne ...a close relative of mine still don't have kids of their own even after 12 years of their marriage and they have gone through some 3-4 IVF cycles. Every failed IVF cycle is heartbreaking. If I knew I could have suggested them.

Rebecca Prakash

When I was not conceiving naturally after 7 yrs every single person I met suggested IVF, I had no issues with IVF but my question was when everything from utres to sperm count is good why should I do? The doctors I consulted dint have an answer just said what's wrong in trying!! When we checked out with few of our frns about the cost they paid at a good IVF centres in Mumbai the price they quoted was 2 to 4 lacs. I was adamant that I will not spend this much to have my "own" baby. I said when my mind is selfless and ready to accept someone s child I will adopt and spend this money on her education and well being. I conceived after that naturally. To me IVF should be used wisely.

Ankita Srivastava

I agree with Rebecca

Mariyum Aaquib

Bang on... super survivor

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