Why Do Babies Cry?

Why Do Babies Cry?

21 Dec 2017 | 2 min Read

Sonali Shivlani

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For a new parent the biggest mystery during the initial days is to understand this – Why does my newborn cry so much?


This is because the new parent cannot understand what the baby wants. And of course there is tiredness, exhaustion, sleep deprivation and the overwhelming load of well meaning advice from family and friends.


Babies actually have a pattern and if you understand this  pattern  then you may actually find that your newborn is very normal in crying so often.





After this for about two weeks the baby settles into a natural pattern. And suddenly when you feel that you have mastered it, there is a shift in the pattern.


Most newborns will have an excessively fussy period between week 2 to 6 as this is the time they go through their initial growth spurts, colic may have set in and so on. Don’t worry this will soon settle down and you baby will start being more responsive, will smile more and become playful.


Crying is your baby’s way of communicating and that is the only way they know how in the first few months of life.


Why do babies cry?

The most important on the list of why babies cry is HUNGER. So yes, please feed your baby on demand. But there could be other reasons. A dirty diaper, some discomfort, pain, feeling unwell are all perfectly valid reasons and as a parent you will soon learn to identify the different cues that your baby gives you.


There are many more reasons that a baby may cry and even though it may seem like a non viable reason they actually do make sense if you look at it from the baby’s perspective. The baby wants your attention, wants a hug or a cuddle, is simply bored, wants to be picked up, wants to just hear his own voice.


Remember to attend to a crying baby as it teaches the baby that they are loved and wanted. Babies surely do not cry to open out their lungs or to get spoilt and pampered.


Happy parenting new mommies!



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