Toddler Fear 3: I Don't Want To Go To Bed!

Toddler Fear 3: I Don't Want To Go To Bed!

Bedtime is a struggle in most homes. Mamma is chasing baby, baby is running in circles, mumma gets exhausted and the baby gets more resistant. We know how this ends right!?

When your toddler just doesn’t want to sleep, it’s not sleep that he’s evading. In his mind, he’s staying away from more.


For the little one, bedtime is synonymous with:


1. The dark night

A lot of adults too fear the darkness. It’s normal for your toddler too! He feels unprotected and scared.


2. Sleeping alone in his room or crib

Separation or the fear of being away from his parents in a separate room or crib or even the nanny!


3. Possible nightmares

Triggered by exhaustion, emotional stress during the day or plain active imagination, sleep sometimes brings bad dreams and nightmares.


4. Monsters that rise with the dark!

‘Bhoot aajaega’ or ‘Police Uncle ko bulaun?’ Sounds familiar? These threats manifest into great fears and linger making the toddler fearful especially at night.


The above mentioned are legitimate fears and you can help your toddler ease into a better night routine by easing his fears.

  • Make your child accept darkness by talking to him about its natural occurrences.
  • Bring in a little night light or one of those fancy night light projectors. A little light in the room will help your child feel secure.
  • Counsel your child about how sleeping in his own cot is ok and assure him of your presence.
  • Giving your child his favourite toy or blanket might help him to feel comforted.
  • Chanting a prayer or singing a nice hymn will ease the thought processes of your child thus calming him down.


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