Meet the Dynamic Mom: Dipti Daga!

Meet the Dynamic Mom: Dipti Daga!

18 Dec 2014 | 3 min Read

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Meet Dipti Daga, founder of Bizzi Bees- A creative learning centre for Kids in Mumbai, a dynamic and methodical mom. A computer engineer by qualification, she switched to entrepreneurship to get more holistically involved in her child’s development, and now she is providing a platform for other kids to develop and learn creatively too. This is her story of entering the world of Motherhood and Entrepreneurship….

1. My Mom Quotient (MQ):

I am a loving mom who is always looking to get things done. My mind and hands are always full and I’m invariably trying to do something. I almost never sit idle. As a mum, I’m always trying to spend quality time with my daughter. I’m hands on and we both love to do things together from making a card to baking a cake.

I think my parenting style is very methodical. As a person I am very organized and it’s reflected in my parenting style too. I like planning things from activities in the day to holidays. I think it works well for working mums. I am impatient and at times that comes out on my child. I have learnt from experience that it’s detrimental to our relationship and I’m working hard to make that better.

I lived in the Unites States for almost 8 years. While I was there, I was fascinated by the quality of play there – may it be indoors or outdoors. There were so many avenues and options to keep children occupied in a constructive way. After I relocated to Mumbai, I felt a real scarcity of such things. I was particularly dissatisfied with the quality of play here. So I decided to break that barrier and give kids a conducive, productive and developmental play environment. That’s what gave birth to Bizzi Bees.

We are fairly new and not so big yet. We opened only in April 2014. We have a member base of about 15 kids right now. This fluctuates a lot as new people join and old ones joindrop off their membership.

3. Who inspired/ supported me:

My motivation is detailed above but I also got a lot of my inspiration from my daughter. I wanted her to be able to have access to an environment like this and when there were not many options in my locality for the same I decided to start one.

4. Advice/tips:

1. The journey is a tough one but don’t give up. Being an entrepreneur mum could seem impossible, but hang in there. Times will change soon.

2. Plan a good schedule so that you are able to give enough time to both work and family. It’s the key to be successful and not get frustrated.

3. Do not lose focus. It’s very easy to get distracted as a mom.

5. I love BabyChakra because, it provides a one stop shop for all baby needs.

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