8 Great Cracker Toppings For Your Child’s Party

8 Great Cracker Toppings For Your Child’s Party

25 Dec 2017 | 4 min Read

Umaima Abdulally

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A birthday party, playdate or festive celebration, be it any gathering of kids, planning out list of items that appeal to their palate as well as don’t leave you guilty is quite challenging. Options are many but they often leave one confused.


My idea is to always serve homemade using less unhealthy stuff and something that will make the kids happy too. I always rely on crackers (or any savoury biscuits) and top them with yummy combinations to serve the kids. Check out the below 8 cracker toppings that never fail me and are always liked by kids.


1. Avocado Cracker

Avocado is packed with all possible goodness one would like their child to consume. The best part is, Avocado is literally tasteless which means you can flavour it whatever pleases your child. To make this, smear a cracker with a tablespoon of avocado butter (pulp). Top with small sized French Fries and grate some cheese over. Gratinate or place inside a hot oven till the cheese melts. Serve.


2. Peanut Butter & Banana cracker

Here’s a sweet cracker topping using the current favourite of kids – Peanut Butter. To make this topping, spread generous amounts of peanut butter on a cracker, top with thinly sliced banana or any favourite fruit of your kid. Drizzle honey and sprinkle some chocolate vermicelli for garnish.


3. Curd Rice Cracker

This is such an Indianised topping – healthy and the most loved by kids. To make this topping, mix some mashed boiled rice with equal quantity of curd / yoghurt. Season it with salt and pepper. Place approx. 1 tablespoon of curd rice on each cracker and grate a vegetable of your (or your kids) choice on it. Sprinkle grated cheese and serve.


4. Green Gram Cracker

A healthy topping which also looks very inviting. To make this topping you will need to boil and mash whole green gram (moong). Flavour it with salt. The consistency needs to be smooth so that the smarty pants are unable to identify the moong from the spread. Top with a mix of finely chopped vegetables like onion, tomato, cucumber, etc. Finally garnish with crushed potato wafers and some fine sev.


5. Boiled Egg Cracker

Most kids love eggs and this cracker topping is quite relished by them. Plus, it is a very good filler. To make this, chop boiled egg finely. Mix approx 1 cup of egg with ½ cup of chopped corn niblets and ½ cup of cream cheese spread. Season with salt and pepper. Spread the topping on cracker and garnish with 2 – 3 corn nibblets.


6. Italian Chicken Cracker

To make this, mix approx. 1 cup of shredded chicken with ¾ cup cream. Flavour the mixture with Italian / Pizza seasoning and spread on the cracker (approx 1 tablespoon). Garnish the cracker with olive slices and some chopped capsicum.


7. Smore’s Cracker

A sweet cracker topping inspired by America’s favourite camping dessert. To make this, spread melted chocolate (cooled) or a readymade chocolate spread on the cracker and place a piece of any colour / flavour marshmallow on it. Place these on a baking tray and keep the crackers in a hot oven (close to the heating rod) to melt the marshmallows. Remove and top with finely chopped nuts and grated chocolate. This simple dish makes a very yummy dessert.


8. Hummus Cracker

Hummus is a healthy spread made of boiled chickpeas and sesame seeds. To make this topping, spread generous amount of Hummus on the cracker, top with chopped paneer cubes and garnish with potato wafer sticks or your child’s favourite chips in crushed form. Hummus is available readymade but making it at home is the best idea. Simply puree boiled chickpeas, some garlic and roasted sesame seeds. Season and use as required.

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