How To Survive The Monster Called ‘Bed Rest’

How To Survive The Monster Called ‘Bed Rest’

Bed Rest - A phrase that is enough to haunt you for months. If you’ve been advised the dreaded bed rest during pregnancy, you might think your worst nightmare has begun. But trust me it is not such a bad thing. You can enjoy your pregnancy while being on bed rest too, here’s how!


I was on strict bed rest since the last one month due to an  incompetent cervix.


Let us first understand the difference between bed rest and strict  bed rest. Strict bed rest means you are not allowed to walk, sit or stand. You are also not allowed to go to bathroom. Urine and stool are passed on bedpans. Your pelvic movements are restricted as much as possible.


Whereas in bed rest, you can go to bathroom.  You can also sit for some  time but you are not allowed to stand or walk. Now that the difference is clear let me share some tips on how to cope up with bed rest.


  • First of all, don’t take bed rest as a punishment or a challenge. Just take it as a different phase or a new experience. Take it positively, whining or stressing will not help you anyway.
  • If you are on strict bed rest, then rent a hospital bed because it has an option to elevate your feet or back as and when required.
  • Never hire a caretaker or a nurse.  Try to do things on your own. A person sitting on your head all the time will constantly remind you that you are on bed rest which in turn will give you unnecessary stress.
  • Try to avoid using bedpans instead use diapers to pass urine. In order to use a bedpan, you will have to raise your pelvic area about 6 to 7 inches high which would be difficult for you in the third trimester. Whereas diapers can be easily slid in and out by raising your pelvic by about an inch only. Moreover, you don’t need an assistant for that.
  • You can get up once a day to pass your stool. Trust me! It will not hurt you at all. On the contrary, it will help you clear your stomach easily. But remember not to put any kind of pressure while passing stool.
  • Start your day by freshening up. Clean and dry your body and change into comfortable clothes. Comb your hair, apply moisturizer and lip balm. Ask your maid to change your bed sheets and elevate your back for some time. This will give you a fresh start to the day.
  • Buy a doppler and listen to your baby’s heartbeat two times a day daily. It will ensure you that your baby is okay.
  • Open the BabyChakra app and take part in  quizzes, competitions, opinion polls, etc. Answer other mom’s questions, share your experiences and posts, interact with other moms on the app. It will keep you busy for maximum time of the day.
  • Start planning your baby nursery and make a list of items you need in your hospital bags. Start shopping online, it will keep your mind occupied.
  • Watch TV shows and movies, listen to songs and radio, etc. it will distract you from any kind of negative thoughts.
  • Buy a knitting kit and start knitting booties and mittens for your baby. If you don’t know how to knit then you can watch online tutorials.
  • Working moms can work from home on their laptop. But make sure to take regular breaks from work because you cannot sit for long.
  • Download games from play store and start playing. Some games are so addictive that it will consume most of your time.
  • Join an online course of your choice and give some time of your day to learn new things and remain up to date.
  • Readers can read books, magazines, newspaper, etc online or offline. This will also keep you busy and updated.
  • Open your smartphone and start organising data. Make different folders and albums. Organize your files, songs, photos, etc. This will also keep you occupied for major chunk of time.
  • Talk to your friends, relatives and parents once every day. It will help you express your fears and anxiety if there are any.
  • Creative moms can indulge themselves in creating new things with the help of paper crafts, glass painting, sketching, clay modelling, etc. It will be a good therapy session.


Don’t just lie on bed counting number of days left for delivery. Try to enjoy each day of your pregnancy. You only live it once/twice or as many times as the number of kids you are planning to have.


Stay happy, Smile! It will not hurt you.Nothing will happen to your baby. Enjoy those kicks, somersaults, movements, karate sessions going inside your womb. Say a prayer every morning and evening. Everything will be okay. You are not alone, there are many like you in the same boat. This is just another phase and it will pass.


Thanks BabyChakra for giving me a platform to express without any hesitation.


Stay positive!; Be happy! Good luck!


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