Toddler Tantrum #5: At The Doctors

Toddler Tantrum #5: At The Doctors

Have you ever had to carry a kicking and screaming toddler around the doctor's office?
Have you had a child who just won’t get onto the doctor’s examination table and has left you fuming?

I think we’ve all been there at some point and when this occurs, remember your child is acting out of a fear and anxiety over what might occur.


At this stage, you might also ask yourself,



Whatever the cause, when your child is throwing a tantrum during the visit, here’s what you can do to help:


1. Be sympathetic


Belittling the child’s feelings never helps. The key to your toddler’s tantrum while at the doctor’s office is to understand his fear and empathize.


2. Inform your child

Let your child know when he’s getting shots and when he’s not. No matter how little, a child likes to know what’s going to happen to his body. 


3. Role play helps! 

Using toy miniatures to enact a doctor-patient situation helps familiarize your toddler with the doctor equipment and its employment.


4. Rope in the daddy!

Kids throw lesser tantrums when the daddy is around. Asking my husband to take the kids has almost eliminated all the fussing. Try it!


5. A great waiting room helps! 

I’ve found a doctor whose waiting room has loads of toys. The distraction helps my kids while they wait.


6. Offer a gift

Offering a chocolate, a book or something the child wants after the visit to the doctor usually helps the child get through a difficult visit. I’ve seen this works very well especially when the kids need a shot! 


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