Pregnancy and Food Obsession

Pregnancy and Food Obsession
We obsess about what to eat once pregnant,or what we should do to lose wt post pregnancy but pay very little attention to food before we get pregnant and  that reallyyyyyy is the game changer.
The thing is without good food ,your hormones cannot be in a balnce condition.ur sex drive and fertility.
What food u r having on daily basis is very imp to have pregnancy n get back to same body contour after that.
Mostly happen with us that we are just thinking to lose weight but doing nothing for first dnt panic n start working on that.for having good pregnancy wt reduction before pregnancy is not a only thing but insulin sensitivity is the imp thing too.
Now question is how we improve our insulin sensitivity and get pregnant easily:-
First :- See where u r staying according to that locality and season select ur a days in monsoon we will not get green dnt buy forzen n it green leafy what is available like lauki karela, bean .so its tasting better n good for ur intestine to digest in this season.
Wait for my next post for next topic of insulin improvement by food....
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