Teaching Time Management To Your Children

Teaching Time Management To Your Children

28 Dec 2017 | 5 min Read

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All of us have heard different things about Time.

“Never lose the present time because it will never come back. “ and “Good times come after bad time.”


We all know time is measured by hours, minutes or seconds.  But what matters is the measure of our existence through time, what have we learnt, what it has taught us to be and how we handle our future based on these self growth as the time passes.

Few things that time teaches us are:

Time teaches us to forego-
As time passes, what we once thought would be more interesting or remain ours forever, we  realise that it’s no more with us or meant for us.  Hence, we learn to forego what’s not important to us and go with the phase of life.

Time teaches us to be grateful-
When losing someone close to you, whether they’re still alive or have left earth, you realize how important time was with that individual. You become grateful for all the memories you shared, whether they were good or bad.

Time teaches us to grow-
All of us would have had hardships in life and time would have taken a toll on us. Within that time period, we would have experienced different emotions from love to anger, anger to sadness and what not. What we must understand is that all these expensive experiences have made us what we are today  and they have helped us grow.

Also, Time teaches us not to waste it and time is invaluable.


Needless to say that we all know what time is and now the question is, how to make kids understand about the value of time and help them in time management. As parents, what can we do to make the kids utilize their time, being a kid as well as make good memories out of their childhood.

Here’re some tips for teaching time management in kids:

Make Time Management Fun-

Make it a game to see who can complete simple tasks around the house that usually take up a lot of time, such as brushing their teeth, putting on their shoes or getting their backpacks ready for school . The more fun you make time management for your kids, the easier it will be to get them to understand the importance of time and how to manage that constantly ticking clock.

Start Teaching Early-

Preschoolers can grasp things early.  So give them short tasks to be completed such as putting on their clothes or cleaning up their toys. Your school-age children can begin with helping you do small household chores etc.

Don’t Over Schedule Them, Give Them Free Time-

As moms don’t we feel over scheduled at times and feel irritated.  It’s the same way for kids.  So give them some down time to do something what they like the most. Overscheduling will only cause trouble, all they feel is a constant go, go, go that has them craving a few minutes of downtime.

Reward Your Kids-

Consider rewarding your kid when they accomplish the risks in time. Let the reward be creative, it can even be the simplest thing of letting them play their video games if they like to do so. The reward will motivate them to do better and understand the concept quicker.


Help Them Prioritise Things- 

Help them organize their day using a first, next, last method. Kids should think of what comes first in their day, such as brushing their teeth. Then they can move to what needs to come next, like having their school books ready in the morning and completing homework before bed. Finally, they should plan what should come last in the day.

I am also sharing few more quick tips to make your kids have an awesome childhood memories-

Plan family trips if possible every year. They will understand family values during such vaccinations. If possible create a travel journal for your kids with the photos stuck and a note written on it about the trip.

Let them enjoy each little things of their childhood, be it playing in puddles, getting drenched in rain once in a while will help them cherish their childhood later.

Listen to your kids. We all have that child in us.  Nothing wrong in being a child at times and spend them wisely with your kids and give them time to express their feelings.

All these will help them manage their time and create space for themselves in their future and they will surely understand to travel along with time.  

Here I exit with a note to all you sweet moms, as we grow older, we realise how fast time can fly and time just changes our life within a blink of an eye.  So, we all don’t know what’s in store for us the next second.  So, go do those things what you have been wanting to do, be it silly or be it aggressive, muster the courage to do what you wish to this new year.

As we are going to enter a new year, I wish you all a very happy and prosperous  year ahead.


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