Jugal Hansraj turns children's book author!


Do you remember Jugal Hansraj, the child artist in the 1983 film Masoom? In the film, his innocent and vulnerable face stole the hearts of millions of viewers across the country, as he portrayed to perfection, an illegitimate child forced to confront the fact that his future will be without his father.


Jugal has now turned author with his debut children’s book, ‘Cross Connection - The Big Circus Adventure’.


His book recently hit the stands and his best buddy Karan Johar has already read the book and said, "It awakened the child in him."



Here’s a snippet from his book:


When the animals of the ‘The Great Indian Circus’ found their lives all topsy-turvy, they realized that turning the world around takes a lot more than just circus acts.

Chunky the Funky monkey and Bhole Ram the Brave are among the performing animals of The Great Indian Circus. While Chunky spends most of his time playing pranks on others, Bhole Ram is a shy and gentle elephant who ends up bearing the brunt of Chunky’s mischief.

Things take a turn when their bodies get switched in a freak accident, and they are forced to live each other’s lives. A cosmic cross connection that leads to complete confusion all around!

Trapped in each other’s bodies, Bhole Ram and Chunky learn to put aside their differences in order to make things smooth in the Circus again—both for themselves and for everyone else—learning some important lessons in life along the way.


In the recent past, several celebrities have penned children’s books including Chef Vikas Khanna who recently launched ‘A Tree Named Ganga’.


Who is your favourite children’s book author? Whose books does your child love reading?


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