7 Ways To Help Your Kid Make New Year Resolutions

7 Ways To Help Your Kid Make New Year Resolutions

Resolutions! The one word which crops up a lot during the last week of the year? Some get busy to work like a working bee and pen down all that they want to do the coming New Year. And there are others who just don’t believe in making resolutions.


If you do belong to the former group  and are also a parent, here is something you are going to love. Why not take this New Year's Resolution making a notch up and get your kids to make their own as well! These resolutions could also be a good way to get your child to set some goals and also learn new things.


Here are a few tips on how to get you started with Resolution making this New Year with your kid:


1. Walk the talk & Talk the talk

Well, I’m afraid it isn’t that easy my friend. Kids learn by example, they are imitators by nature. If you want them to eat healthy and follow a junk less diet, then be sure to give up your weaknesses too. In my home, sodas and aerated drinks are a No-No. In that way it was easier to teach my daughter to not have them either with least resistance. 


2. Center the resolution making on your child

Have a chat as a family. Bring all the resolutions you want as an Individual to the dinner table. If one of the resolutions is about being more focused on work or any work related one, your child will most probably be able to relate it with school. Doing well at her/his grades or concentrating in classes and not getting distracted. Or if you plan to take up a new hobby, this will help your child think of something similar. Basically try to see what resolutions you have made that your child can relate too and make her own.


3. Best time for vested interests

You can use resolutions to your advantage. Think about any habits or goals you wanted to incorporate in your child at an early age, this is the best time. I have always wanted my daughter to learn the importance of money. While saving money and working on positive money management is one of my goals for 2018 which is something I want my daughter to learn. Hence, I have worked on a resolution where she saves up to buy anything that she needs like toys, books and at times even chocolates. I have also taught her to pay for any gifts that she likes to give family members during birthdays, Father’s Day and Mother’s Day etc.


4. Keep It Simple & Realistic

Keeping goals realistic and simple is the key to avoid disappointment in the child for not keeping up with the resolutions. Start with what the child wants to look forward for the year, focus on more positives than looking at shortcomings. Also talk about what they have accomplished the past year and how they would like to get better at it.


5. Baby Steps towards success

It’s important to approach the process of making resolutions with your kid slow. To change a good intention into a habit will take time, especially with kids. Break down resolutions and write them down so that your kid can read it every day. Example: If your child wants to keep his/her room clean, break down the resolution to probably ‘I will clean up my table and make my bed everyday’!


6. Track their progress but be flexible

Checking periodically if your child is following their resolutions is necessary but don’t make a big fuss out of it or nag if they forget to do it regularly. Instead find another alternative to get your child to stick to the resolution and stay on track. Positive reinforcement could be used to motivate them to not lose interest. Creating a new habit will always take time, patience and disciple.


7. Make it a Family Activity

Making resolutions as a family can not only be fun but also productive. It can get families closer while working on common goals for the year. Whether it’s planning the annual family trip or even spending more gadget-free time, cooking together etc.


Look at the whole process as a tradition that you will follow every year, this will create a sense of importance in children and also something to look forward as the year ends. Also it will be something that they will want to pass on to their kids. So go ahead and teach your child how to make resolutions this New Year.


Wishing you a Very Happy and Fun New Year!!


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