Meal Plans Week 10: 6+ months

Meal Plans Week 10: 6+ months

2 Jan 2018 | 1 min Read

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Welcome to the New Year mommies! Along with the resolutions that you may have made or will be making, add reading and following Kiddy Kitchen to it!


These awesome meal plans have been put together by Healthy Eating Habits Expert Deepti Arora to meet the growing needs of your little one’s nutritional requirements.


Deepti has some advice for you:


Having baby transition from liquids only to solid foods is a big milestone. When baby is six months  of age, it is time to introduce more pureed and strained fruits and vegetables, pureed meat, beans and some yogurts and cereals.



Quick Tip: Banana and melons have Vitamin C and Potassium, necessary for child’s optimal growth.







Tell us how you are loving these meal plans and what you would like to see done differently!


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