10 Safety Tips You Should Teach Your Children

10 Safety Tips You Should Teach Your Children


A terrible tragedy took place, as a fire erupted at the most popular place in Kamla Mills,Lower Parel, resulting in loss of 14 lives and injuring over 55 people. This incident makes us realise the importance of knowing basic safety measures not only for us adults, but also to teach our  children from a very young age.

So here are some tips on how do we prepare our children, if such a situation arises.

1- Kids shouldn’t be allowed to play with matchbox or lighters and should be asked to be away from a FIRE ALWAYS.

2- TRY NOT TO PANIC AND CRY. Only a cool head and an alert mind will help in making correct decisions.

3- Learn basic SAFETY MEASURES AND FIRST AID. Kids need to be taught in an early age And we should revise or watch basic Youtube videos as this  will help us in any situation.

4- Beware of your SURROUNDINGS. If you are visiting any new place, check it out as to how many exits are available and show them to your kids as well that. Also, prepare your kids that if they get lost, decide on a place to meet and reach there as soon as possible.

5- Try to AVOID places which are already overcrowded, as this will only make and add to more confusion and chaos.

6- Kids should never be allowed to go to washroom alone, especially if it’s an unknown or a new place.

7- Kids should be taught, at an appropriate age, to open doors, windows and latches and in case of any emergency they should move out of the room and try to get out of the building.

8- Kids should MEMORISE their full name, address and Parents contact numbers. You should also keep them, written on a paper, inside their bag if you are going to a new or a crowded space.

9- Teach your kids that if they are lost or need any help then find a MOTHER WITH KIDS and ask her to help out.

10- If anybody makes them feel unsafe or asks them to do anything uncomfortable to shout and scream NO.

In today’s times it is vital that we teach our kids these safety measures and remind them from time to time if not on a daily basis as this will help them feel secure and strong and give them confidence if such a situation arises.


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