Discovering Bengaluru: Birds, Flowers And Bullock Cart Rides

Discovering Bengaluru: Birds, Flowers And Bullock Cart Rides

A 5-year-old's experience at an Eco-Village Resort.

Mommy and Daddy decided that we would take a weekend trip to a resort called Hoysala Village in a city called Hassan. I was very excited and looked forward to it. What I love most about our trips are that we get to spend so much time together which is super fun.  


My Dad doesn’t have to go to work or take his million work calls and Mommy doesn’t need to do her regular chores that she says she never gets paid for and is overqualified for, I wonder what she means by that. I don’t get paid for doing all my stuff either.


About Hoysala Village Resort:


We reached Hoysala Village after I think a day of driving but Mom says it was just 3-4 hrs. The resort had these huge gates with elephant statues guarding them. Inside the place was grassy, flowery and had my favorite insects flying around-'Butterflies'!


The walls had beautiful paintings of elephants, my favorite animal and also paintings of people dancing which is my favorite hobby. I started to wonder if the resort people knew all my favorite stuff and did all this for me.


The entire resort had so many trees and plants, some even had names so that we could learn about them. I saw a pepper plant, a coffee plant, a chili plant and also few fruit plants that I couldn't pronounce. It was so nice to learn about these. Our room was really big that I could cycle around but I hadn’t packed my cycle. Our bed had something called a canopy and when Mom opened up all the curtains tied to it, the bed became my very own tent….it was just amazing.


What I did there:



The nice people at the resort had organized so many things for us to see. We were entertained by a magician, he was really good with his acts. There was also a guy who couldn’t see. My mom said I must say 'visually impaired person” and not blind because it is rude to do so. He was playing the Casio so well, I really wonder how he could learn to play it if he wasn’t able to see. He was a very nice man and let me play on the keyboard for a bit.


In the evening, there was a  Bharatanatyam dance performance by a group of talented girls. It was nice to enjoy all this live and not on a TV.


They also had a really huge grassy lawn, my Dad and I challenged each other for a race and of course I won. Back home we don’t have a garden to run around and this place had gardens all over and such pretty flowering plants for the butterflies and honeybees to sit on.


I loved spending time chasing these favorite insects of mine. It was just like being Alice in the Wonderland but without those weird and funny looking characters in the movie and of course I was chasing butterflies, not a rabbit.


The nice resort people had organized a Bullock cart ride into the village nearby. That ride was a nice experience, we sat in an actual bullock cart that was pulled by two strong looking bulls. We entered the village and I noticed the villagers seemed poor but they had built nice little house for themselves and looked so happy. All the kids and aunties were waving at us. My Mom said that in the village they did almost all their chores on their own. Which was true because I did see a lady cleaning rice in a bamboo tray thing which is called a “Marra”.


The kids, though dressed in old clothes, looked so lively and full of smiles. The village people I felt were hardworking.


What I loved the most about my trip:





Back home Dad, Mom and I are always busy with our regular activities like school, work and other dull things like going to bed by 8.30 pm on weekdays.


But here I get to enjoy myself in this big, open space filled with nature, enjoy the birds chirping away in a musical tune. I totally forgot about my TV and cartoons. And best part is I had Dad and Mom all to myself. They hardly were on their phones and were constantly chatting away with me and clicking my pics.


We played running and catching…..which my Dad is really bad at and we splashed around in the pool. There was also an activity room where I played Table Tennis with my Mom… one won because neither one of us knew how to play, it was hilarious.


My Mom showed me these two weird looking stone structures that was kept on display in the resort. She said these were grinding stones that were used in olden days to grind their spices and pastes. The other stone was used to grind wheat into flour. In fact she said we still do have these in my grandma’s house which was used by my great grandma!


I’m glad my Mom uses a mixer grinder now and not these stone tools or else we would have to wait a really long time for our food to be ready. And I doubt she would be able to bake any of her cakes in this.


Our trip came to an end and we had to head back to Bangalore, I really did not want to go…but I did miss my school and all my friends. I think I will definitely come back here again with my friends and have a fun time running around, enjoying nature and as my Mom says to “Just Chill”!!


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