5 Mantras To Enjoy Your First Holiday with Your Child

5 Mantras To Enjoy Your First Holiday with Your Child


This is the much-awaited holiday parents have earned since the birth of the child. I am counting this as complete holiday and not social visits/visits to your hometown to introduce kid to the family etc.


Here’s why and how you can make the trip a successful one:


Firstly, you really need time out alone, away from the routine. Secondly, it makes financial sense too to travel before the child turns 2 as you save on ticket costs. Lastly, why to wait to have fun in life!!


Here’s the mantra on how to better plan and enjoy your first holiday with your infant/toddler:


Travel times


This is the most challenging part of the travel with the baby. My recommendation is to keep the flight times shorter unless you are very specific where you want to go first with your baby. This is a personal decision and depends on the comfort of your little one.

Tip: Do take the infant seats/front row on plane whether you use bassinet or not, as it has more leg space and room for your little one to move around.


Choice of Accommodation


This depends on a range of factors like budget, comfort, availability etc. This depends how comfortable are you with the idea of your Little One eating outside. If no, B&Bs or apartments with kitchen will work best for you else if you are flexible on budget, can check in to 4-5-star hotel where you could be sure of the source and quality food. Another advantage could be that these hotels have babysitting facilities (if you are comfortable exploring the same) and children activities like Magic show, coloring books, clay play etc. on different days. You might want to do little research on which hotel offers what facility wrt kids and book accordingly.


Tip: You can choose a country/place which is not very expensive and splurge on your stay to have the comfort of travelling with the baby for the first time.


Sightseeing: Stick only with the PLAN to have FUN – DONOT plan a 9am to 6PM schedule or daily rigid plan for sight-seeing. This shall leave both of you and your little one frustrated. Spend less time on road/travel but experiencing/enjoying simple things like pool, bucket play on the beach, visit to nearby Zoo, Boat ride etc. could be so much fun with kids. These are some of the picks from my first vacation with my kid and motor boat ride was just too awesome!!



Another Tip, research before your travel with places of your interest to visit, eat, stay etc to save yourself from hustle pustule while you are enjoying your vacation.


Group Vs Family only


This one is again a personal choice as some people like to travel alone or with friends/family to keep them company and kids too. Both are equally exciting with the benefits of its own. We went with a group of close friends and it was awesome as the travel times were exciting too and we had hired a minivan/bus to move around. Kids were great company to each other and made our job easier to keep them engaged and enjoying at the same time.



Packing – Travel light but with basic stuff intact. Since, this is baby’s first trip have your checklist ready and start packing few days ahead of your travel to better preempt the needs of your LO.  

Here’s the ready to go checklist for your reference.

You are in for so much fun that you can’t even imagine!! Take lot of clicks to cherish the memories that’s going to stay with you forever as all the FIRSTs are special.


“When you are travelling with children you give them something that can never be taken away”- Unknown


Bon Voyage!!


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