Meet Shweta: This Mum’s Business Is Oh So Huggable

Meet Shweta: This Mum’s Business Is Oh So Huggable

9 Jan 2018 | 2 min Read


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My Mom Quotient:

I am currently a happy Mum to my 3-year-old daughter named Shayna. Ever since I stepped into motherhood, I realized that my child is my greatest strength.


My Mom Inc. Story:

I successfully ran a free, multicultural mums group named Notts Mums in Nottingham, UK for 2 good years. Notts Mums received media attention from the BBC and the local media as well. We also received government funding.


Later, I returned to India with my family. The biggest satisfaction remains that Notts Mums is still active and busy helping mums of various nationalities combat ‘social loneliness’ and live a better life!


I also used to run a YouTube channel named WoMum TV to promote skills and businesses of mompreneurs for free.


I launched 2 startups in Nottingham which have continued in India as well, named ‘Wow Tots’ and ‘Build Your Teddy’!


Wow Tots is exclusively into designer and personalized Cubbies (plush toys) where clients can have their special message embroidered beautifully onto the toy’s tummy.


This is a very unique 2-hour workshop for a Parent-Child and to boost the bond between them. This self-built Cubby once taken home plays a truly important role in the child’s mental health and social skills development. Being a Clinical Psychologist, I can ensure this!


Our CSR activities are named as Teddylogy where we help children identify growing ‘emotional loneliness’ and ways to cope with it. Second is Hum Bacche where children teach  underprivileged children to build their own teddies for free and gift them the same.


Who Inspired Me The Most:




Advice for Mompreneurs:

Being a mother already makes you a winner because you have overcome each hurdle right from pregnancy with such ease. Try to breathe the same energy into your entrepreneurial life.



I love BabyChakra because….



Most find new friends with whom they share their day-to-day motherhood challenges without any inhibitions. This is truly important to cope with the post-natal ‘social loneliness’ which new mums experience so widely in India.


Thank you BabyChakra for making the journey of Motherhood so beautiful and complete!











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