Parenting Trends That Will Rule in 2018


Activity boxes, cloth diapers, babywearing and magna tiles were the parenting mantras of 2017. So what will be ‘trendy’, ‘in’ and ‘cool’ for the mamas, papas and babies this year? Since we at BabyChakra are about all things parenting, we made some calculated guesses and came up with some whacky predictions for this year’s trends. We would love for our predictions to come true!


Kiddie Detox Programs



Detox diets are recommended to anyone who has been eating too much junk, but 2018 will see a rise in kiddie detox. No, not in the dietary sense, but in the gadget sense. It will be great to see kids and parents putting away their smartphones, tablets and iPads on a particular day (or days) of the week and connect with other parents. Everyone can learn something from each other and exchange ideas. Children enjoy a 4D interaction instead of a limited, 2D interaction.


Little Green Thumbs



Don’t we think we should teach our children to grow their own food from an early age? Some schools might be teaching kids the basics of gardening, but growing, composting and using organic produce at home will be big in 2018. Playing with mud gives kids a sensory experience and who knows, today’s kids might be tomorrow’s inventors in new methods of sustainable farming.


Yoga Gymborees



Yoga has already been accepted as a effective form of workout. Different forms of yoga have evolved over the years, but this year will be the year of Yoga Gymborees. By this, we mean that tots and babies will visit indoor play areas that will have equipment to make kids do yoga poses as they play. Kapalbhati? That’s the wolf blowing the 3 Little Pigs’ house down. Bhujangasana? Slither like the cobra through the tunnel. Cheers to health!


My Baby’s First Year



No, these are not the record books that we have been gifting mums-to-be for ages. This is a suggestion book that experienced parents can give parents-to-be, all filled with activities they think the new parents should be doing with their baby in the first year. Ready reckoner for new parents!


Paid Paternity Leaves



Yes! We can’t wait for more Indian workplaces to sit up and take notice that dads need to be around new mums and take active part in parenting! We think a lot of organisations are acknowledging this and 2018 will hopefully see more dads helping tired and sore mums through the early days of pregnancy and even leave allowances when the child is sick.

Healthy Family Dining Pop-ups


Pop-up restaurants keep popping up in the eating out scene, but cheffy mompreneurs opening up ‘healthy’ fine dining restaurants at events could well be the norm this year. So you and your kiddo can order his/her own healthy version of his/her favourite meal cleverly made by trained mom chefs. Baked paneer lollipops with toasted sesame seeds and organic tomato dip, anyone?


Do you have any ideas on this year’s parenting trends? Do let us know!


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