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Movie Review: Ferdinand, The Happy Bull!

Movie Review: Ferdinand, The Happy Bull!

10 Jan 2018 | 3 min Read

Nandini Aravind

Author | 50 Articles

What is the movie about?


Ferdinand is an animated movie based after a classic children’s book with the same name written by Munro Leaf. Unlike the young bulls on the ranch who prefer to train and plan to beat the Matador in the bull fight when they grow up, Ferdinand prefers smelling and admiring flowers and living a free life.


He does not want to follow tradition and follow in the footsteps of his father. After his dad’s tragic death, Ferdinand runs away from the ranch and finds himself on a beautiful flower farm with butterflies and everything pretty just the way he had always dreamt of.


Ferdinand grows up to be a strong and majestic bull but with the heart of an angel. He ignores his owners’ warning of not following them into the city for a flower festival and is the cause of chaos due because he is supposedly “a wild bull”.


Unfortunately he is captured and sent back to his childhood ranch. The movie then is all about how Ferdinand meets his old pals who are all now grown up and ready for bull fighting. Ferdinand still holds his ground and his belief in non-violence.


After he accidentally discovers that no matter how good the bull is in the end the Matador always wins by killing the bull, he decides to free his friends and take them back with him to his flower farm.


What kids will learn from the movie?


The movie teaches children that it is ok to think out of the box or break away from society norms and focus on what one truly wants to be in life. Ferdinand always stand his ground against violence when he is bullied by his peers. He doesn’t given in even in the end where he is face to face with the Matador who is about to kill him with his sword. Though he does defend himself when he gets hurt during the fight, he does not attack the Matador on his own.


Ideal For: Ages 4 and above

Things to watch out for:

The friendship that Ferdinand shares with his human friend Nina is cute and charming, even after he grows up to be a robust bull, he still sleeps on her bed with her cuddling up to him. He truly is a gentle giant. He forms a cute bromance of sorts with the family’s dog as well. Kids will love the witty super fun hedgehogs’ trio who help Ferdinand and his friends escape from the ranch.


Mom’s Verdict:

A definitive must watch for kids above 4 years of age. Parents can talk about issues like choosing what they would like to do in life over following tradition.


A 5-year-old’s candid review:

I loved Ferdinand! He is so cute, he loves to smell flowers and chase butterflies just like me! What I liked the most about the movie was the fact that Ferdinand doesn’t like to fight even when his friends keep forcing him to do so.


Ferdinand is such a sweetheart, at one point he falls down badly because he tries to avoid crashing into a bunny rabbit. He and Nina have so much fun together on their farm.


After watching this movie I wish to have a bull as my pet and best friend.


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