These Pregnancy Announcement Pictures Will Make You LOL!

These Pregnancy Announcement Pictures Will Make You LOL!

These pregnancy announcement pictures will make you LOL!


Some of us announce our pregnancies with a coy smile and the words, “good news” or the plain and simple, “I'm pregnant.” But some couples share the news of their pregnancy with the world in the most funny, cute and wacky way possible. Have a look at some of the most unique pregnancy announcement pictures, and these will make you want to get pregnant again!


This woman’s partner is paraplegic, but he didn’t lose   his spirit or his sense of humor when it came to announcing the happy news.



Harry Potter meets Halloween?



Why is she crying so much? Why is she eating so much? Well, now we know!


Now, this is the way to announce baby no. 2!



Tough luck for the elder sibling! She’s been given the boot from the crib



When you finally win over IVF



When we are all expecting.



The dog gets a baby hoooman!



When Batman has to prepare for a sidekick


Source: Igmur


When it’s not one, but two!



Source: Igmur user grabmenow and instagram


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